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Cary Bayer, The Business Coach for Massage Therapists

Cary Bayer

As you can see from the drop-down menu, there are many different entries in this blog area of my site. Most of these can help enrich the quality of your life—your relationships and communications, your finances, your career, and your overall sense of purpose in life. Some help you awaken to a deeper appreciation of the world around you.

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How to get Massage Clients to see you Weekly

Cary Bayer, The Business Coach for Massage Therapists

Cary Bayer, The Business Coach for Massage Therapists

There’s no time a client appreciates massage more than the moment he leaves your table.  In my role as business coach for massage therapists, I polled some LMTs I started working with, and was astonished to discover that most failed to take advantage of this ripe moment.  I’ll explain.

The first question to ask a client who’s leaving your room is, “How do you feel?”  Most therapists do.  Clients usually reply, “Great.”  What almost all therapists fail to ask at this moment is the critical follow-up question–“Would you like to feel this great next week as well?”

This is a two-part question; the first part’s a no-brainer, because  everyone wants to feel great.  If he normally sees you every four weeks, coming in the following week can be challenging on one or two fronts:

A) Can he financially afford it?

B) Does he think he deserves such peace?

Too many therapists make the error of taking responsibility for a client’s financial decisions.  So I’ll say it simply, “The person in charge of your client’s financial decisions is your client, not you.”  If he can afford it, he may book a session the following week, if he can’t, he won’t.  You might be able to help him here if you take credit cards that allow him to pay in the future for the treatment he receives the next week.

As for deserving, help your client see he deserves to feel good—often. You’re a body worker and growth facilitator, inspiring clients to live in greater peace.  You’ve nothing to lose by asking your clients if they want to feel great the following week.  As Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.”

How to Get New Clients through a Massage Sale

Cary Bayer, The Business Coach for Massage Therapists

Cary Bayer, The Business Coach for Massage Therapists

There’s great wisdom in children’s nursery rhymes so let’s adapt one for massage therapists: This little therapist went to market (and brought home many new clients).  This little therapist stayed home (because she’s uncomfortable “marketing,” and hoped clients would come to her).  This little therapist had roast beef.  (Vegetarians substitute tofu.)  And this little therapist (the first, that is) ran all the way home (to the bank).

Marketing wasn’t taught to you when you heard bedtime stories—they weren’t taught much in massage schools, either.  But as a child you knew about money, and if mommy wouldn’t buy that toy for $10, when it got reduced to $5, you reminded her of the bargain.

Fast forward decades; now you’re a gifted LMT.  If you’re good, clients will return to your table.  But how do you get more of them there in the first place?  That’s the $64,000 question I’m often asked in my role as business coach for massage therapists.  There are many ways to do that.  One surefire method—particularly for anyone new to an area; anyone who’s just added a new modality; or for any practice with a new therapist–works equally well for businesses in different industries.  You’ve no doubt seen restaurants and stores in their first few weeks with grand opening signs, bunting still blowing in the breeze, and introductory prices.

Can you resist a 50 percent off sale?  Imagine a $60 massage marked down to $30.  Chances are good you’ll attract many people who get massaged regularly, but will try you out because of the sale.  If they like you they may switch to you. You’ll also attract new people to massage, who can become regular clients.

If you get a new client from this strategy who sees you once a month for three years, that client will be worth nearly $2200—and that doesn’t include her referrals. If you could get $2200 in new business by investing just $30 (the discount for an introductory session) wouldn’t you be willing to do it?  So what’s stopping you?

How to Keep Massage Clients Loyal & Coming Back

Cary Bayer, the Business Coach for Massage Therapists

Cary Bayer, the Business Coach for Massage Therapists

Two years ago, my wife and I flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles, to Melbourne, and Singapore, then to Bangkok, and back to Melbourne, L.A, and Florida. The remarkable thing about this exotic, long-distance itinerary was that each leg was either first or business class, and it didn’t cost me a dime.  They were all “paid” by American Airlines, or by a partner in its Frequent Flyer Program.

American runs a program to reward loyal customers.  All carriers know you have many flying options—they say that as you “deplane”–and  they’re grateful you chose them.  To reward you for that, and to inspire you to come back, all carriers run such programs to give you free flights.  Restaurants, bookstores, and other industries have similar programs.  Why shouldn’t massage therapists?

In my role as business coach for massage therapists, I suggest incorporating a Frequent Massage Program to reward loyalty.  I recommend giving a free massage to clients after they’ve had 10 sessions they’ve paid for at the one-at-a-time fee.  In many industries, businesses give 10 percent finders fees to those who refer clients . There are several millennia of history in spiritual circles for 10 percent giving back, as well.

Logistical monitoring can be done with a card that’s clipped or signed, or you could record each session in the client’s file.  After that ninth session, you can be sure your client will book session number 10 as soon as possible; that’s because number 11 is on the house, and he can’t wait to get his free massage.   Your clients will love you for this, and they’ll fly your friendly massage skies for years to come.