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How to do what you Love so the Money Follows

The money follows

The money follows

Last year, a friend, fed up with her job, had read Marsha Sinetar’s Do What You Love, the Money will Follow, and saw it as a sign to quit and pursue her bliss–painting.  After nine months, however, the money didn’t follow.  She’s been living off eroding savings.  She asked what to do.

I said if you do what you love the money will follow, but–the time it takes for each person’s money to follow differs.

Christ said if we had faith and asked the mountain to move, it would. Few have such faith; fewer still such bulldozing skills. So, if you do what you love so money will follow, take care of three things first.

1. Save at least six months of living expenses.

This provides a cushion if the money follows slowly.

2. Keep your heart pure.

Money miracles happen to pure hearts.  If you’re angry with others, forgive them.  Open room for unexpected income to flow.

3. Overhaul your mind.

Your consciousness must be prepared to receive the money that follows.  It’s one thing to consciously believe if you do what you love the money will follow; quite another if you believe when you do what you love, the bankruptcy will follow.  A study done among Canadian lottery winners  found that, within five years, the vast majority went broke. Governments dumped fortunes into their laps, but didn’t show them how to handle them.

Affirmations prepare consciousness so money can follow. Here’s one I recommend: “When I do the work I love, the world is enriched and so am I, as money flows to me quickly and easily.” At the left of the page, write the affirmation as 1A.  Below, write, as 1B, the response that arises that disagrees with it. Suppose it’s “If I do what I love nobody will care.”   Below, as 1C, create a new affirmation to treat that response.  A good one for the resistance above is “Spirit supports me when I do the work I love.”

This process releases your unconscious resistance. Write this affirmation 10 minutes a day until its truth manifests in your life.

Letting go of Sports Fan Attachment

“He who has no undue fondness towards anything, who neither exults nor recoils on gaining what is good or bad, his intellect is established.”

Krishna, The Bhagavad-Gita

I’ve taught hundreds of people how to meditate as Krishna taught in The Bhagavad-Gita.  I’ve even taught others how to teach meditation and lose their worldly attachments.  So I must confess, as game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics is just hours away, that I sometimes wrestle with one major lifetime attachment: I’ve loved the

The blogger, in Laker gear, about to block a shot by Shaquille O'Neal

The blogger, in Laker gear, about to block a shot by Shaquille O'Neal

Lakers since I was eight, and recoil when they lose a playoff game.

Confession #2: In game 5 of a Western Conference semi-finals playoff game some years back Tim Duncan made a nearly-impossible shot with less than a second left.  When it seemed he stole a victory, knocking the air out of the Lakers, I screamed in anger.  Screamed! I can hear yogis turning over in their caves.

Confession #3: When Lakers guard Derek Fisher followed with a prayer of a jumper shot with four tenths of a second left that won the game, I jumped off my couch absolutely delirious with joy.  This is what Krishna called undue fondness and exulting.

Good News #1: Several years ago, I gave up my equally-long New York Mets attachment.  Occasionally, I’ll watch them with interest, but with no attachment.

Good News #2: When I watch the Lakers while I’m awake in my higher Self—that silence in me that witnesses life’s play of ups and downs– I enjoy the games much more.  The reason?  There’s no attachment to the outcome.  I become a fan in the zone.

Speaking of fans (as in fanatics), I’ve seen many give away their power, marriages and lives to their teams.  Fortunately, I have family, friends, and a life, so it’s clear the Lakers are the next attachment to go.  A wise yogi once said, “Love without attachment is light.”  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

What’s the one attachment you’d like to let go of in your life?   Let it go—and you’ll be free to enjoy it with even more pleasure and peace.

Buy One Massage, get One Free

Restaurants, shoe stores, bookstores…these days it’s hard not to find an ad for a “Buy one, get one free” offer.   Oh, sure, you don’t see such ads for medical practices, auto dealers, and massage therapists. It’s understandable why MDs, uncomfortable about advertising, aren’t running such specials.  But massage therapists?  There’s no really good reason why they’re not doing it.

For a few hundred dollars worth of advertising, a number of LMTs employing this strategy received ongoing clients—some of whom might be worth many thousands of dollars during the course of their relationships with these therapists.  To make this promotion successful require the new client to receive that free session within a week of the first.

Consider the advantages of the offer: 

1. New people experience your work for half the price they normally would, particularly appealing during a recession.  

2. New clients pay full price for their first massage from you, which psychologically important for you.

3. New clients get two massages from you and in two weeks.

4. The second massage is free.  Human nature being what it is, the tendency to feel obligated to the therapist is very real, perhaps inspiring the client to book a third massage.



Cary Bayer, the Business Coach for Massage Therapists

Cary Bayer, the Business Coach for Massage Therapists

The peaceful state that accompanies a massage is far more subtle than a sloppy Big Mac or an eventual sweaty pair of Nikes, each of which can also be purchased on a buy-one-get-one-free basis, so some LMTs might feel odd compared to such multinational giants.  But for a massage therapist to be associated with companies, with the two most prominent logos in marketing history can only be a good thing.