Thanksgiving 1621

]Recently, Thanksgiving has become a gluttonous day of turkey, parades and football, a long fall from its origin when grateful Pilgrims thanked God for the bounteous harvest that their helpful native American neighbors shared with them. Our Higher Power is also generous with His/Her bounty; blessing our every moment with the breath of life while keeping the heart in our chest beating. Rev. Ike spoke of the prospering power of an attitude of gratitude. I like to say that the more grateful I am for what I have, the more I have to be grateful for.

Whether you dine on turkey or a vegetarian equivalent, add consciousness to this Thanksgiving, the day that begins our end-of-year holiday season. Perhaps you can lead your gathering in a heartfelt thankful grace, or ask each person at the table to share something that s/he is truly grateful for. It will be a memorable holiday (as in holy day) for one and all.