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Santa Claus: Archetype of Prosperity

Prosperity Blog from Cary Bayer, Life Coach Florida

Santa, Archetype of Prosperity

December 25th is the day hundreds of millions of Christians celebrate the birth of their Redeemer. It’s also the day hundreds of millions celebrate the generosity of their Rewarder. He’s the bearded jolly chap known as St. Nicholas or Santa Claus (Sint Klaas as the Dutch settlers called him in Holland). I like to think of him as the quintessential archetype for prosperity. In a tough economy where you may be losing sleep over losing your job, an abundant elf like Santa is vital to our national health and imagination.

Known as the patron saint of giving, Santa might more aptly be known as the patron saint of rapid transit. He’s a veritable master of bilocation. In December, you’ll spot him at the Town Center in Boca Raton, Florida, at the same moment your friends spot him on Broadway in New York City, while others insist he’s also on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Bilocation, shmilocation… Superman may be fast, but Santa is downright omnipresent. He’s more than just a symbol of prosperity, he’s a veritable embodiment of all possibilities.

When I was a small boy, my Uncle Dave was vital to my sense of possibilities. A personification of prosperity, he’d give me the silver dollars he pulled out of my ears with his magic. Dave was a mortal man, so he had his limits, Santa is a myth so he has none. His huge sack full of wrapped goodies is a veritable storehouse of infinite generosity.

This red-suited jolly old guy gives unending presents from just one sack, sleds his way over the rooftops of the world, and shares his bounty with children, the most innocent beings on our planet.

Perhaps St. Nick’s miraculous feats of “sharing-do” are powered by the ever-present mantra he chants– “Ho-ho-ho.” Is this an ancient mantra from China or an esoteric meditation from the North Pole? That ringing bell of his sounds more at home in Tibet than at his snowy digs.

While the holiday season is about love and hope, the girth of St. Nicholas inspires abundance. In December’s endless flashing neon, long checkout lines, and out-of-control credit cards, this archetype of prosperity brings a much-needed smile to the harried shopping class. We shouldn’t even think of foregoing the wrappings and trappings of a saint like Nick, he’s our national symbol of prosperity. Our political leaders forever spout peace and prosperity; these are qualities embodied by Santa Claus.

As I once told students in a prosperity class I gave near the nation’s capital in Alexandria, “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

How Your Dog can Help Awaken You

Cary Bayer, Life Coach Florida

Man's best teacher

A dog is not only a man’s best friend, he may also be his best teacher. A dog embodies so many qualities of the Enlightenment described by the world’s great teachers–from Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and Lao Tzu—that it’s hardly a coincidence that dog is god spelled backwards.

All spiritual teachers put love as critical for cultivating the highest state of consciousness we call Enlightenment. The family dog demonstrates a form of unconditional love that’s hard to find in our world. Many a husband who’s turned his head a little too long to gaze at the “hottie” in a mini-skirt, has discovered how quickly his spouse’s love is less than unconditional. What if a woman gains 75 pounds? Unfortunately, that has moved far too many men in our disposable culture to be on the lookout for a slimmer (and, while they’re at it, newer) model. What adult doesn’t like to think his parents love him unconditionally? Yet, break a few laws, and even the kindest of parents have been known to disown such a child, or even turn him in to the authorities.

But it doesn’t matter how much you weigh, how many hotties and hunks yo ogle, it doesn’t even matter how many other dogs you pet, your dog is your pal forever, loving you unconditionally to his dying breath. A dog will greet you with a wagging tail and endless licks and kisses. (Does your wife or husband do that? I didn’t think so.) You can yell at a dog in anger, and h may cower away in fear, but an hour later, he’s forgiven you of your cruelty. Most spouses are less forgiving.

Consciousness firmly awakened in the present is necessary for achieving the highest states of human development. In Eckhart Tolle’s best-selling The Power of Now, he elucidated the necessity for, and advantages of, keeping yourself in the present moment, as compared to looking over your shoulder at the past, or into the future that’s not yet come.

A dog never dwells in what once was, nor is he obsessed with what may be on its way. He’s focused on the present. Even when lying down to catch some shut-eye, he often keeps one eye open to the goings on around him.

Enthusiasm, from the Greek entheos or “in god,” is another attribute of higher consciousness. If a wagging tail doesn’t remind you to stay enthusiastic, nothing will. Retrievers of the Golden and Labrador type are perfect embodiments of an enthusiasm that’s hard to top in this world. A person can throw the same ball to the same Retriever over and over again but, while the person soon gets bored, the dog never does. Each new toss is a brand new ball to fetch. His presence in the moment and enthusiasm for chasing the same thing time and again display the freshness of an awakened state of being that our great teachers have both explained and embodied.

With all these things that dogs teach us, who really are the masters? Perhaps they love to awaken us so much that we’re like our teachers’ pets.