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September '14

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"Everyone who will can hear the Voice. It is within everyone, but like everything else, it requires previous and definite preparation."
–Mahatma Gandhi 

Webinar to Double your Healing Arts Business?

On September 2, my 4-CE seminar, "How to Get New Clients" will begin. (Massage therapists will get 4 CEs.) It takes place on four consecutive Tuesday nights–from 8:30-9:30 PMeastern time–with ALL sessions recorded for playback at your convenience. Dates for the webinar are:

September 2, 9, 16, & 23.

In this 4-part webinar, you'll learn:

  • specific mental techniques to awaken your Success Consciousness that will transform you into a perpetual client magnet
  • how to turn almost anyone you meet into a client
  • how to comfortably network to tap a powerful referral stream

Uniquely qualified to grow a healer's business, I was:

  • the keynote speaker at the American Massage Therapy Association national convention
  • the marketing coach for more than 400 different healers,
  • the author of the Grow a Rich Massage Business trilogy of books, as well as Healer, Heal Thyself

This class cost $120 in the past, but is being priced now for just:

$49.99 if payment is in by August 19, a saving of more than $70

$59.99 if payment is received by August 26, a saving of more than $60.

$69.99 after.

You can register for the course by, or by calling (845) 664-1883. 

Beatles Yoga New Publication

My most popular class these days is "The Beatles, Higher Consciousness, & Meditation," one that I've taught now 34 times since the end of October 2012. It's been very satisfying to me to introduce meditation to people in the context of the Beatles' deeply spiritual songs about this method of waking up to Reality. 

This 88-page publication, nearly twice the length of my mini-books, analyzes line-by-line 10 Beatles songs. I approach the commentary like one who is commenting on spiritual literature like the Bhagavad Gita. Some of the songs looked at are "Across the Universe," "Within You, Without You," and "The Inner Light," among others. This is a great addition to your library, and a perfect gift for the Beatles fans in your life.

The cost is just $12, plus $3 for shipping and handling. You can get it at, or order it by emailing, or calling (845)-679-5526.


All New Transcendental Coaching Launched

As many of you know, two of the greatest passions in my career are teaching meditation and coaching. And now the two have come together in a brand new method. Let me explain.

The Higher Self Healing Meditation that I founded in 2010, after teaching Transcendental Meditation for decades and training dozens of its teachers, can give you the experience of the Transcendent, the inner Being within you. When you combine the experience of the Transcendent with an advanced form of coaching you get my newest offering–Transcendental Coaching.

What makes Transcendental Coaching unique is that it draws upon mankind's ancient timeless wisdom–from the Hebrews, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, the Vedas of India, and the native Americans of our own continent–to help coach you into the life that you were truly born to live. It incorporates deep knowledge of the way that the Universe operates, so that your life can flow in tune with the Laws of Nature. Enjoy clarity for your mind, purity for your heart, prosperity for your net worth, and spirituality for your soul. It takes into account the knowledge of Karma, the knowledge of Dharma (action in accordance with Cosmic Law), the knowledge of clearly defined higher states of consciousness, and an understanding of the nature of Enlightenment itself. This helps bring your life increasingly in tune with Nature, and to live in freedom.  

The result of this attunement is more frequent experience of synchronicities (being in the right place at the right time), less struggle, less resistance to the fulfillment of your desires, and an overall greater sense of your life as a delightful flow.

The prerequisites for Transcendental Coaching are the 3-day training in Higher Self Healing Meditation, and 10 hour-long coaching sessions. 

To learn more about this extraordinary synthesis of meditation and coaching you can download the brochure here.

Product Profile 

"The Secret of Successful Relationship: How to use the Law of Attraction to Draw More Love into your Life"

This DVD of a 2-hour-plus class will teach you the secrets that go into creating successful relationships with anyone in your life–from your significant other, your parents, your kids, your friends, your boss, your staff, your clients and anyone else you interact with. It's a great gift for anyone you love, and that includes you.

The cost is slight–$30, plus $3 for shipping and handling. You can get it at, or order it by emailing, or calling (845)-679-5526.



Free Coaching

To celebrate September, the month of my wedding to my wonderful wife, I'm offering complimentary half-hour coaching sessions for the first two people who contact me by phone (845-679-5526) or by email at who want to have some breakthroughs in life. It's my way of giving thanks for the great life that I'm blessed to live. There are only four restrictions, but please read them carefully: 

1) You haven't already received a free coaching session from me.

2) You're not currently involved in a series of coaching sessions with me.

3) You book the session within three days of winning, so if you call or email, check my response and respond in time.  If you forget to do this, someone on the waiting list will take your place, as happens from time to time.  

4) You take the session before September 15.


Here are several affirmations from my series on procrastination, success, relationships, communication, and the inner journey, that are available in five mini-books and three CDs.   

" I now clean my home."–Affirmations to End Procrastination

"I visualize myself at peace in my eternal Self."– Follow Your Yellow Brick Road: Provisions for your Inner Journey  

"I love myself unconditionally."– Affirmations make the Heart Grow Fonder  

Quote from the "Expert"

Cigarette Smoking 

"I feel strongly that the blanket statements which appeared in the press that there is a direct and causative relation between smoking of cigarettes, and the number of cigarettes smoked, and cancer of the lung is an absolutely unwarranted conclusion."–Dr. Max Cutler, cancer surgeon, quoted in theNew York Times, 4/14/54

Quotes of the Month

Spiritual Growth

"In our daily affairs, we should adopt a strategy of quickly attending to good works and things related to the divine. Should any wrong thought arise, on the other hand, we should try to postpone it to another time by saying, 'I'll do ittomorrow, or the day after next.' In this way, wrong action can be continuously postponed."–Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, the guru to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

"A human being is like a lump of gold, whereas gods are like pieces of fine jewelry. Having been perfected as jewelry, their progression is complete, and they cannot be further improved. On the other hand, gold, which has not yet been crafted by the jeweler, is completely unrestricted in its potential. Hence the birth of a human being is said to be the very best birth for action. Having this birth, one should not act carelessly, but should conscientiously perform the best

purushartha (man's highest ends). Fulfilling one's own dharma, while keeping faith in Paramatma (Universal Soul) is the greatest purushartha. Strive to become one with God in this lifetime. Have faith in the Vedas and shastras (spiritual texts) and keep the company of those wise people who also have faith in them. Only then will the purpose of your life be fulfilled."–Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, the guru to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Almost a dozen genes have been discovered of late that play a role in Alzheimer's, bringing to 24 the number of genes, known to medical science that contribute to the ailment.  Researchers will have more targets to create medications that might be able to treat the symptoms of memory loss and dementia that characterize this disease of the brain.

Sign of an Age of Enlightenment?

A Meditation Museum has been opened in Silver Spring, Maryland. There are interactive exhibits, free workshops, training sessions, all to provide opportunities to find peace and spiritual upliftment.

The Cosmic and the Comic  

"Laugh when troubles come your way.

There is nothing better to conquer calamity.

A flood of troubles will vanish the moment

The mind of a wise man collects itself to face them."

–Tirukkural 63: 621-622, Vedic scripture, Excerpted from the Tirukkural, translated by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami


An Agriculture Dept. study issued in February says that, on any given day, 13 percent of the U.S. population is consuming pizza somewhere.

Testimonial on Coaching

"Some years back, Cary Bayer operated as my business and personal coach. In the past I have had many individuals attempt to serve in this role for me with little success. What made Cary stand apart from the others was that he was able to turn the process into a true game that was fun and always positive. I stayed highly motivated and never felt badly for not producing my desired results. We spoke in a language that I was able to relate to and respond to. Our conversations were always uplifting, inspiring and filled with great humor. Both my business and personal life have taken giant leaps since my association with Cary. I highly recommend his work to anyone looking to move onward and upward."–Nathan Brenowitz,former Financial Rep, Northwest Mutual, Woodstock, NY

Syndicated "Life 101" Column 

The column below ran in syndication in a variety of wellness publications, including Arizona Together in the past.

Robin, The Boy Wonder Of Improv:

Embodying the Infinite Potential of Each Moment

Batman, the Caped Crusader, along with sidekick Robin, the Boy Wonder, fought crime on Gotham's streets. Robin Williams, the Boy Wonder of Improv, fought dullness, rigid thinking, and the idea that Reality was predictable. He made our world more flexible and happier.

To his mind, the world moved very slowly. That gave the many characters who lived inside that fertile mind plenty of time to find delightful ways to play. He took us to funny places few of us ever had the Imaginative GPS to find on our own.

One reason he could do this was because in his Cosmic Comic Mind, time didn't exist. Everything he said and did emerged from an infinite field of comic possibilities, showing us a more fun reality to enjoy. He had plenty of realities living inside him; it was a privilege to be invited into this world where anything could happen. How delightfully he expanded our consciousness, how deliciously he made us see every physical thing around us with polished glasses that could see that thing in so many new ways.  

He was like Charlie Chaplin who could speak. Or Groucho Marx with impish brother Harpo's ability to play with things like a child. Groucho was a locomotive, veering off in multiple directions and changing tracks, passing the dispatcher at each station at lightning speed. But his great comic movie riffs were written by terrific comic minds in creative brainstorming sessions. 

With Robin, it all happened in the present moment, one made rich by mining the mirth latent in every moment. These comic minds channeled the Great Comic Mind of their Creator.  Unlike Groucho, who honed a comic persona over decades, Robin had multiple comic personalities who fought for space in his crowded crucible of consciousness. There was no telling where he'd wind up in response to an interviewer's question.  Watch old clips and you'll see the best comic minds of television–Carson, Leno, Letterman–sitting back breathless, unable to keep up with the speed of Robin's improvisations.  They'd speak only when he finally came up for air. There was his Shakespearean actor, his gay director, his little girl, his French man, his Russian man, his Black man, the list goes on and on. Like Zeus, he had comic Athenas bursting forth from the infinite creative potential of his mind. He was the Infinite Creative Intelligence of the Universe in human form.

His heart was as rich as his mind. He co-hosted numerous Comic Relief fundraisers, bringing in more than $50 million to help the homeless. He also performed many times for the USO, bringing much-needed laughter to the troops in war zones. The depth of his caring for people was also evident in so many of his movie roles. 

With his lightning-quick mind and his loving heart he helped a world see the infinite possibilities in each moment; he made us laugh and he made us love. Like another Robin–of Sherwood Forest–he will be remembered forever.

Art Director

I'm in the process of finding an art director to design the layout for two of my forthcoming projects. They include:

the book, Higher Self Meditations, and the CD, "How to Communicate Effectively to Expand your Massage Business"

If you're interested, you can reach me at or by phone at (845) 664-1883.

Want to Take a Free Class?

It's actually pretty easy. And you get 40 percent of its revenues, as well. All you have to do is sponsor one for the people in your life. And with email, that's also easy.  

All you have to do is pick a class of mine that you'd like to produce (either a class that I can give in person if we're geographically close or one that I give on the phone if we're not). You can find these classes described in detail on my website at Then, let me know which one it is, and give me a call. That's when we'd discuss the details of where/when/how much it'll cost, etc. And I'd get back to you with a beautifully-designed flyer, which you then send out to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Here's what some other producers have said about the experience of producing a class:

"When Cary Bayer has come to Stafford VA, he's brought wisdom, laughter, and a peaceful balance. He reminds us, in all of his workshops, that we truly do have the power to live to our fullest potential with grace. Each workshop he has given here has always ended with our audience leaving lighter and enthusiastic to live their dreams!  I encourage you to invite Cary to your community so he may show you how effortless it really is to live your dream."–Linda Osorio, Partner, Stafford House of Yoga, Stafford, VA

"Cary Bayer, to put it simply, is about love. He brings it to his friendships, his work relationships, and his classes. Coupled with his awareness of human behavior, one cannot help feeling safe, protected, and in good hands when engaged in one of his workshops. This was felt not only by myself, but by every single friend who attended his workshop. I feel blessed to have him as a teacher."

–Lisa Offman, Tennis Coach, Ossining, NY

"Cary came to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to teach a class at my home. It was very well received by those attended. I felt honored to be able to offer the tools that Cary shared with us. It was also an extra blessing to hang with Cary and to absorb some of his magical spirit and knowledge. I still use the Enthusiasm exercise that he teaches to get me pumped for things in life. It was a very worthwhile experience; I would recommend hosting him to others as well as I would get a class together again under the right circumstances."

–Izzi Sevco, Massage Therapist, Hagerstown, Maryland

Want to Write a Book? New Publishing Venture Set Up for You to Fulfill that Dream

How would you like to have your own book published and available on Amazon? That dream can now become a reality, with the help of on-demand publishing technology, and the writing, editing, graphic design, and marketing and public relations team that I've put in place for that very purpose.

Here's the team that's set up for you:

  • Graphic designers who have worked on many books, and for many well known companies. 
  • A writer/editor who's been a columnist for The Motley Fool, the editor-in-chief for,, and, who has edited five books and was the ghost writer or contributor on three. She also wrote for such Fortune 500 companies as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, Prudential, and the Hartford, among others.
  • Also on the team as a writer is yours truly. I've written five full-length books and more than three dozen mini-books.

The venture's book publicist has helped authors make the best-seller lists of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and has had her clients featured on Oprah, The Today Show,Good Morning, America, Time, Newsweek, Business Week,Forbes, NPR, Redbook, and Ladies' Home Journal, among others. She's worked for such authors as Jack Canfield and Jacqueline Miller, Heart at Work (McGraw-Hill); Terri Orbuch, 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great(Random House); Sophy Burnham, The Path of Prayer: Reflections on Prayer and True Stories of How It Affects Our Lives (Viking Penguin); and Charles Garfield, Susun Weed, Gerald Celente, and Drs. Susan Lark, Ro Brock, and Stephen Sinatra, among others, and for authors who've been published by virtually every major publishing house in America.

If you'd like to talk about how you can have a dream come true and have your own book or mini-book in print, and would either like to write it or have someone ghost write it for you, don't hesitate to call at (954) 788-3380, or email me. We're here to make that dream of yours come true.  

Higher Self Healing Meditation

I'm proud to announce the development of a new meditation training that's been marinating in the quietest levels of consciousness deep within my soul for a number of years.  

Its name is Higher Self Healing Meditation, and it's as effortless as Transcendental Meditation (TM) that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi trained me to teach when I was 20 years old.

Some years back, the movement that teaches the late Maharishi's system of TM significantly changed the requirements for those who had been teaching to continue to do so. As a result, thousands of teachers, including myself, no longer instruct that method. But understanding the mechanics of how the mind transcends in meditation after teaching meditation to so many hundreds of people from southern California and Western Europe to the Caribbean and many points in between–as well as training dozens of teachers of Transcendental Meditation–I've developed a system of meditation that's as effective as TM, as easy as TM, and available at one third the price that it costs to learn TM.

Have you thought about incorporating a daily stress-management system to:

  • release deep-rooted tension,
  • increase energy,
  • stimulate creativity,
  • enliven happiness, and
  • enable you to contact the inexhaustible reservoir of creativity and intelligence deep within you at the transcendental level of Being?

If so, let me know, and I can explain how easy it is to learn over the course of five hours in three consecutive days. You can reach me by email or by phone at (845) 679-5526.

Blog Cabin

I have my site set up properly, and I've begun to write regularly. If you would like to have my blog entries emailed to you, you can enter your email address here.

Face to Face to Facebook

With the Internet being a much          facebook logo
faster means of transport than the Interstate highways I find myself on each month, the World Wide Web is, like rock 'n' roll, here to stay, and presumably, also will never die. That being the case, I've recently created two pages on Facebook that can help you create breakthroughs in a variety of ways. The pages are called: 

Cary Bayer Breakthrough Coaching 
You can easily subscribe to the service by clicking the "Like" button on top of this page


Business Coaching for Massage Therapists
You can easily subscribe to the service by clicking the "Like" button on top of this page.

Why the latter? Because, these handy (pun intended) healers comprise the largest percentage of my coaching client population. So check your Facebook news feed and let me know what you think about my posts.

By the way, if you're not yet a fan of either page, you can join up easily at either of the addresses above. 

Referral Fees

When I ran my own marketing/PR firm, I loved thanking anyone who referred a new client to me, by sending a check for 10 percent of the fees generated. I have a similar policy as a life coach, a meditation teacher, and the writer of books for others. If you inspire someone to become a client of mine for coaching or book writing, or a meditation student, you'll receive 10 percent of the fee that that person begins with me at. That could easily mean a check for you of $105 or $65 for coaching, for $50 for meditation, and hundreds of dollars for book publishing. It's my way of saying, "thanks." My thought is simple–who couldn't use a piece of unexpected income?

Growth Products from Cary Bayer

To view my products on the web, visit:

Products Page

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