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“Everyone who will can hear the Voice. It is within everyone, but like everything else, it requires previous and definite preparation.”

–Mahatma Gandhi

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Vacation 1/19-26

My wife and I will be on vacation near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico from January 19 through 26.  I won’t be taking phone calls, emails, or texts during this period, and will resume work again on Tuesday January 27.

New Class Available: “The Good Life & the God Life: How to Be Spiritually Awakened   & Materially Abundant”

Some people have as their priority acquiring wealth, while others prefer spiritual development. For most people, there’s no happy medium, with the focus on one inhibiting, in their minds, the attainment of the other. This class enables both to unfold gracefully.

Buckminster Fuller, the 20th century genius, analyzed Earth’s resources, and found there’s enough for everyone to be a millionaire. Scriptures say that you’re made in the image of God–in other words, that which is infinite. Isn’t it time to embody both spiritual and material abundance?

Cary Bayer, who lives on the ocean in south Florida and in the mountains of legendary Woodstock, NY, has helped thousands of people evolve spiritually by teaching both Transcendental Meditation and Higher Self Healing Meditation. (He also trained dozens of TM teachers.) Since the ’80, he’s taught the principles of prosperity, and since 2001 he’s been a full-time life coach. The author of Prosperity Aerobics and Meditations on Enlightenment, he provides, in this class, a variety of methods to live two hundred percent of life–to awaken spiritually, while opening the channels for more material abundance to flow to you.   These include worldwide prayers for attracting affluence, The Manna from Heaven Meditation, a breathing method to connect to Source, and a way to meditate without any effort.

If you’d like to understand the seven states of consciousness available to you, including the nature of the enlightened states of Self-Realization, God-Realization, and Unity; speed up your path to spiritual awakening; and make progress on developing a million dollar net worth, this is the class for you.

Product Profile

Improve the quality of every relationship you already have, and attract many new ones, too, through Affirmations make the Heart Grow Fonder (see cover below). It’s a handy A-to-Z electronic guide for remaking all the relationships of your life.

Affirmations Make the Heart Grow Fonder


The cost is slight–just $15, plus $3 for shipping and handling. You can order the CD here.


Clients and students who live far from where I live and travel and teach often ask me when I’ll visit their cities. People up north ask me where I’m teaching when I’m in Florida, and people in Florida ask me when I’ll be teaching when I’m up north. I don’t have any plans at this point to visit the West Coast or the Midwest, for example, as I did several years ago. Nor do I have any plans to visit the Northeast until I return there every May.

That’s why I decided to introduce a monthly webinar version of my workshops on Google Hangouts. This way, everyone anywhere in the world can have access to these mind-changing and life-changing transformational classes every month.

Google Hangouts enables you to see me teaching throughout the webinar. Each class will be limited to the first 10 people to enroll, and I’ll be able to see each of you, as well. Cost for each event is $20; but only $50 for three webinars paid for in advance. With this wonderful, free Google program you can have the knowledge and techniques provided in these classes without having to leave your home, spend time in your car, and pollute the environment with its emissions.

You can download Google Hangouts for free and use it for free for the people in your life for both social and/or professional needs.

Here’s the schedule for the next three monthly webinars, which has been set up to allow more easy access for those on the West Coast.

Sunday February 22, on the Internet, for

“The Secret of Successful Relationships:  How to Use the Law of Attraction to  Draw more Love into your Life,”  

in Google Hangouts, from 5-6:30 PM for the first 10 people to register. Investment: $20, when paid by Feb. 19. $30 after, or $50 for 3 webinars.


Cary Bayer

(954) 788-3380


Sunday March 15 on the Internet, for

“The Good Life & the God Life:  How to be Spiritually Awakened  & Materially Abundant,”

in Google Hangouts, from 7:30-9 PM, for the first 10 people to register. Investment: $20, when paid by March12, $30 after, or $50 for 3 webinars.


Cary Bayer

(954) 788-3380



Sunday April 12, on the Internet, for

“Conscious Communication,”  

from 7:30-9 PM, in Google Hangouts, for the first 10 people to register. Investment: $20, when paid by April 9, $30 after, or $50 for 3 webinars.


Cary Bayer

(954) 788-3380


Free Coaching!

To celebrate February, the month of Valentine’s Day, I’m offering complimentary half-hour coaching sessions for the first two people who contact me by phone (954-788-3380), or by email at successaerobics@aol.com who want to have some breakthroughs in their dating life or loving relationship with a partner. It’s my way of giving thanks for the great life that I’m blessed to live. There are only four restrictions, but please read them carefully:

  • You haven’t already received a free coaching session from me.
  • You’re not currently involved in a series of coaching sessions with me.
  • You book the session within three days of winning, so if you call or email, check my response and respond in time. If you forget to do this, someone on the waiting list will take your place, as happens from time to time.
  • You take the session before February 15.


Here are several affirmations from my series on procrastination, success, relationships, communication, and the inner journey, which are available in five mini-books and three CDs.

“The bank’s statement and my check registry are exactly the same each month.”

Affirmations to End Procrastination

“Evil melts away in the face of my purity.”

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road: 

Provisions for your Inner Journey

“It’s safe to love others.”

Affirmations make the Heart Grow Fonder

Quote from the “Expert”

Rock ‘n’ Roll

“It’ll be gone by June.”-Variety, 1955

Quotes of the Month Goals

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

— Henry Ford

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

— Anthony Robbins

Sign of an Age of Enlightenment?

Speech excerpts from Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi are featured in a new corporate branding TV ad campaign from Unilever. The spot focuses on young people fighting hunger. The company’s Project Sunlight attempts to combat child hunger in concert with Feeding America. Unilever claims to have donated in excess of 30 million meals since 2009 through the Feeding America’s food pantries, and also uses its ProjectSunlight.Us site to urge others to help.

The Cosmic & the Comic

“We should tackle reality in a slightly jokey way; otherwise we miss its point.”

–Lawrence Durrell


Harvard University’s Ellen Langer asked men, who were in their 70s and 80s, to behave as if they were 20 years younger. After 5 days, their hearing and vision improved.

Testimonial on Coaching

“I surely have benefited from your coaching in the past. It really helped me to deal with a huge injustice in my past work life and be able to move on to another job, and more confidence.”

–Bobbi Ingram, Retired, Thermopolis, WY

Syndicated “Life 101” Column

The column below ran in syndication in a variety of wellness publications, including Arizona Together in the past.

The iPhone, the iPad, and the iAM

Our world is headed in the right direction when people line up as long to get the iAM as they do for the newest versions of the iPhone and the iPad. The iAM has been here since mankind first set foot on this planet, which is why there are no new versions of it. Even the expression “since time immemorial” doesn’t do justice to its reality because iAM exists outside time, in what we call eternity. Not horizontal eternity going forever but vertical eternity in each moment of time.

When you want to know a fact fast google your iPhone, when you want to know something on a computer file go to your iPad, when you want to know who you are, go to your iAM.

What is the I AM?

The I AM is your true nature found at the transcendental part of your mind–beyond all perception, like hearing music from your iPad, the thinking of your mind while Googling your iPhone, and even beyond the feelings you get listening to beautiful songs on your iPod. It’s available through meditation, as many hundreds of people have experienced in classes I’ve taught since the age of 20.

When Moses encountered the Higher Power of the Universe in a burning bush and was told to tell Pharaoh to let the Hebrew people go, he asked who should he say sent him. The obtuse answer: “I AM has sent me to you.” Not regal but quite poetic is Popeye the Sailor Man’s motto: “I am that I am and that’s all that I am, I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.” You can get directions from your iPhone and IPad. You are directed from your iAM.

Most people don’t realize that the happiness they’re looking for isn’t available in the world of things. The t-shirt that says, “He who has the most toys wins” isn’t true. It should read, “He who is the most things, wins.” In other words, when you live from your I AM, at the transcendental level of Being beyond time, you’re connected to the infinite. You can’t get more than infinite. Even Bill Gates’ money can’t buy an infinite number of things. Another wealthy person–Oprah Winfrey–learned to meditate like the Beatles decades before–and made it freely available to her staff.

Jesus said: “Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moths nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal.”

Physical things like iPhones rust and break, metaphysical realities don’t. iPhones can be stolen, but nobody can steal your iAM. The iPhone lets you make calls, hear music, see videos, take pictures and videos, and so on. The iPad lets you read books or use computer files. The iAm gives you infinite freedom, peace, joy, and enlightenment. So why aren’t you waiting in line to get your iAM?

Meditation Training Now Available  by Skype & Webcam

When I taught Transcendental Meditation for several decades, I could only teach it in person. But since founding Higher Self Healing Meditation in 2010, I’m happy to say that the training is now available from a distance if you have a webcam on your computer. Let me know if you’d like to take advantage of this valuable stress-reducing method, even if you live far from my homes in upstate New York or south Florida.

Want to Write a Book? New Publishing Venture Set Up for You to Fulfill that Dream

How would you like to have your own book published and available on Amazon? That dream can now become a reality, with the help of on-demand publishing technology, and the writing, editing, graphic design, and marketing and public relations team that I’ve put in place for that very purpose.

Here’s the team that’s set up for you:

A graphic designer who has worked for Disney World, Harley Davidson, and Touchstone Pictures, among other credits. She’s also a complete joy to work with, as I can attest–she was the designer on my most recent book, 40 Days to a Happy Life.

A writer/editor who’s been a columnist for The Motley Fool, the editor-in-chief for Mortgageloan.com, Completegrowth.com, and Creditland.com, who has edited five books and was the ghost writer on one. She also wrote for such Fortune 500 companies as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, Prudential, and the Hartford, among others.

Also on the team as a writer is yours truly. I’ve written five full-length books and more than three dozen mini-books.

The venture’s book publicist has helped authors make the best-seller lists of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and has had her clients featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning, America, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Forbes, NPR, Redbook, and Ladies’ Home Journal, among others. She’s worked for such authors as Jack Canfield and Jacqueline Miller, Heart at Work (McGraw-Hill); Terri Orbuch, 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great (Random House); Sophy Burnham, The Path of Prayer: Reflections on Prayer and True Stories of How It Affects Our Lives (Viking Penguin); and Charles Garfield, Susun Weed, Gerald Celente, and Drs. Susan Lark, Ro Brock, and Stephen Sinatra, among others, and for authors who’ve been published by virtually every major publishing house in America.

If you’d like to talk about how you can have a dream come true and have your own book or mini-book in print, and would either like to write it or have someone ghost write it for you, don’t hesitate to call at

(954) 788-3380

or email me at


We’re here to make that dream of yours come true.

Higher Self Healing Meditation

I’m proud to announce the development of a new meditation training that’s been marinating in the quietest levels of consciousness deep within my soul for a number of years. Its name is Higher Self Healing Meditation, and it’s as effortless as Transcendental Meditation (TM) that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi trained me to teach when I was 20 years old.

Some years back, the movement that teaches the late Maharishi’s system of TM significantly changed the requirements for those who had been teaching to continue to do so. As a result, thousands of others, including myself, no longer instruct that method. But understanding the mechanics of how the mind transcends in meditation after teaching meditation to so many hundreds of people from southern California and Western Europe to the Caribbean and many points in between-as well as training dozens of teachers of Transcendental Meditation–I’ve developed a system of meditation that’s as effective as TM, as easy as TM, and available at one third the price that it costs to learn TM.

Have you thought about incorporating a daily stress-management system to:

  • release deep-rooted tension,
  • increase energy,
  • stimulate creativity,
  • enliven happiness, and
  • enable you to contact the inexhaustible reservoir of creativity and intelligence deep within you at the transcendental level of Being?

If so, let me know, and I can explain how easy it is to learn over the course of five hours in three consecutive days.

You can reach me by email at successaerobics@aol.com

or by phone at

(845) 679-5526

Blog Cabin

I have my site set up properly, and I’ve begun to write regularly.

If you would like to have my blog entries emailed to you, there’s a place on my website where you can enter your email address right here

Face to Face to Facebook

With the Internet being a much faster means of transport than the Interstate highways I find myself on each month, the World Wide Web is, like rock ‘n’ roll, here to stay, and presumably, also will never die. That being the case, I’ve recently created two pages on Facebook that can help you create breakthroughs in a variety of ways. The pages are called:

Cary Bayer Breakthrough Coaching

You can easily subscribe to the service by clicking the Like button on top of the page here


Business Coaching for Massage Therapists

You can easily subscribe to the service by clicking the Like button on top of the page here

Why the latter? Because, these handy (pun intended) healers comprise the largest percentage of my coaching client population.   So check your Facebook walls and let me know what you think about my posts.

By the way, if you’re not yet a fan of either page, you can join up easily at either of the links above.

Referral Fees

When I ran my own marketing/PR firm, I loved thanking anyone who referred a new client to me, by sending a check for 10 percent of the fees generated. I have a similar policy as a life coach, a meditation teacher, and the writer of books for others. If you inspire someone to become a client of mine for coaching or book writing, or a meditation student, you’ll receive 10 percent of the fee that that person begins with me at. That could easily mean a check for you of $105 or $65 for coaching, for $50 for meditation, and hundreds of dollars for book publishing. It’s my way of saying, “thanks.” My thought is simple–who couldn’t use a piece of unexpected income?

Growth Products from Cary Bayer

To view my products on the web site click


Love and Light,

Cary Bayer