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newsletter March/April 2015

March/April 2015 1051

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"The purpose of Creation is the expansion of happiness."

–Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Cary's meditation newsletter is now online here


Free Advanced Monthly Meditation Webinar Moving to Wednesdays! 

The advanced meditation webinars, held for those who meditate on Wednesday nights at 7 PM eastern time, start off with me opening the "floor" to questions about your meditation practice and/or understanding of the path of evolution of consciousness. Then, I'll do a group meditation check. After that, I'll direct you to a link for a talk by Maharishi, which each meditator can play on his or her computer. Lastly, I'll take questions, and lead a discussion about the video.

Here's the dial-in number for it: (712) 432-0075   

You'll then be asked for a participant code, which is

370690 and the pound sign(#). 

If you're in front of a computer, when the time is right you can watch the video that we'll discuss afterwards.   

Here's the link to that video. The March/April schedule follows below:

Wednesday March 11 @ 7 PM

Maharishi on Ideal Relationships

Maharishi on Ideal Relationships


Wednesday April 9 @ 7 PM

"Boredom is Against Life"     3:18

Boredom is against life - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Boredom is against life – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Product Profile: Zen Teachings of Tennis 

Seven chapters feature ideas, techniques and strategies that have helped me with the inner, mental game of tennis, and propelled me to win four doubles titles–county and club tournaments that is, not Grand Slams.



This delightful and instructive 48-page mini-book sells for $10, plus $2.50 shipping & handling.  You can order it here.

Article: Want to Enhance your Creativity? Get a Massage or Meditate 

Getting a full-body massage, meditating, deep breathing, and other forms of stress management definitely enhance creativity. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. (Why should there be a but when your butt itself gets massaged?) The relaxation that occurs stimulates inspiration, because a relaxed mind in a rested body is more receptive to the impulses of creativity than a worried mind in a tense body can ever be. Is it any surprise that so many of the world's great scientific insights and artistic conceptions occur in a restful state rather than a restless one? The famed "a ha" experience of eureka that can make you laugh in a delightful "ha-ha," happens when you're most relaxed, not when you're most worried or irritable.

Friedrich Kekule, the great German chemist, discovered the benzene ring in what he called a "waking dream" while riding in a London bus. Sir Isaac Newton's "aha" discovery of the Law of Gravitation came, we're told, while he was relaxing under a tree and observing an apple falling to the ground. We don't know how many countless previous apples he had seen take a similar fall, but it was in a calm state of mind that he created this breakthrough in scientific understanding that discovered the strongest force known to physics. Albert Einstein intuited vital parts of his Relativity Theory while sitting patiently on a non-moving train as a nearby train left the station.

For William Wordsworth, often credited as the initiator of the Romantic poetry movement, calmness was the means. The former Poet Laureate of England wrote that, "Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquility." Calmness, tranquility, and relaxation are all keys to enhancing your creative output.

During many sessions of Transcendental Meditation (TM) that I practiced for many years, and the Higher Self Healing Meditation that I founded and now practice, I have gained inspiration for books and workshops so many times that I can't even count them all. The Beatles found their most prolific songwriting period was during their meditation course at Maharishi's ashram in India.

Bob Hope, who was one of the greatest comedians in the history of show business, used to get a massage every single day. No doubt it kept his body rested and his comic mind sharp and able to ad-lib in his inimitable way. Fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld says that TM helps his comic wit, too. As someone who has done stand-up comedy and improv comedy, I can say from my own experience that meditation keeps you centered in the Now moment, where all great inspiration–and comic improvising–can come.

The next time you get creatively stuck, try lathering up your face or legs with shaving cream. Maybe you'll be fortunate like Einstein, who wrote, "Why is it that I always get my best ideas while shaving?" A nick in your skin may be a small price to pay if it comes in the nick of time to stimulate your creative juices. Or better yet, call a massage therapist and have her lather you up with oil. Creative inspiration may be just a phone call away. Better than that…sit down and meditate.

Quote of the Month

"The world is as you are. Develop unbounded awareness and the universe is yours."  


Sign of an Age of Enlightenment?

A profile of Detroit Lions head football coach Jim Caldwell in the New York Times sports section carried this headline: "Thanks to a Cerebral Influence, the Lions Find Enlightenment" (12/21/14)



"Cary Bayer brings a joy to his teaching and a wisdom that spans the ages to his students. I have benefited from his big heart and his dedication to offering meditation as a practical tool for awakening."

— Judith Garten, Spiritual Teacher & Counsellor, Rhinebeck, NY

Art Director

My next book, Higher Self Meditations, is ready to go into book design. If you or a friend are a graphic designer and would like to help me get this book to the printer, please contact me at  

(954) 788-3380  

or email me at

All New Transcendental Coaching Launched

As many of you know, two of the greatest passions in my career are teaching meditation and coaching.  And now the two have come together in a brand new method.  Let me explain.

The Higher Self Healing Meditation that I founded in 2010, after teaching Transcendental Meditation for decades and training dozens of its teachers, can give you the experience of the Transcendent, the inner Being within you.  When you combine the experience of the Transcendent with an advanced form of coaching you get my newest offering-Transcendental Coaching.

What makes Transcendental Coaching unique is that it draws upon mankind's ancient timeless wisdom-from the Hebrews, Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, the Vedas of India, and the native Americans of our own continent–to help coach you into the life that you were truly born to live.  It incorporates deep knowledge of the way that the Universe operates, so that your life can flow in tune with the Laws of Nature. Enjoy clarity for your mind, purity for your heart, prosperity for your net worth, and spirituality for your soul.  It takes into account the knowledge of Karma, the knowledge of Dharma (action in accordance with Cosmic Law), the knowledge of clearly defined higher states of consciousness, and an understanding of the nature of Enlightenment itself.  This helps bring your life increasingly in tune with Nature, and to live in freedom. 

The result of this attunement is more frequent experience of synchronicities (being in the right place at the right time), less struggle, less resistance to the fulfillment of your desires, and an overall greater sense of your life as a delightful flow.

The prerequisites for Transcendental Coaching are the 3-day training in Higher Self Healing Meditation, and 10 hour-long coaching sessions. 

To learn more about this extraordinary synthesis of meditation and coaching you can download the brochure here

Meditation Training Available via Skype & Webcam!!

When I taught Transcendental Meditation for several decades, I could only teach it in person.  But since founding Higher Self Healing Meditation in 2010, I'm happy to say that the training is now available from a distance if you have a webcam on your computer.  Let me know if you'd like to take advantage of this valuable stress-reducing method, even if you live far from my homes in upstate New York and south Florida.

Want to Make Money from Meditation?

When I ran my own marketing/PR firm, I loved thanking anyone who referred a new client to me, by sending a check for 10 percent of the fees generated.  I have a similar policy as a meditation teacher.  If you inspire someone to become my student, you'll receive 10 percent of the course fee. That means a check for you of $50 for caring enough about the people in your life that you'd like them to live with more freedom from stress.  It's my way of saying, "thanks."  My thought is simple–who couldn't use a piece of unexpected income?

I also give you 20 percent of the revenues for any meditation course that you produce or sponsor for me.  Sponsoring means finding a time and space for the free introductory lecture and the three days of hour-and-a half classes-it could be your own living room, if you like-and it can also be held on the Internet as a webinar.   I would email you a flyer for the lecture, which you'd then email to the people in your life.   If five people learn to meditate, for example, you would enjoy $500 for your work.

Growth Products from Cary Bayer

To view my products on the web site click 



March 2015
1051 Hillsboro Mile, Apt. 604

Hillsboro Beach, FL 33062

(954) 788-3380 
39 Whitney Drive, Woodstock, NY 12498
(845) 679-5526
web site: 

"Everyone who will can hear the Voice. It is within everyone, but like everything else, it requires previous and definite preparation."

–Mahatma Gandhi 

Cary's March newsletter is now online here


Do you spend more than you make &  create debt or draw down your savings? 

 I promise that your entire relationship to money will be empowered for good in just 90 days.

I've been teaching Prosperity Aerobics for 26 years and have helped thousands of people prosper. Here's what a few of them have to say:

Rich Hill, President, Gabriel Consulting Services, Management Consultant, Chicago, IL


"Today, I net about $280,000 a year–more than 25 times greater than before I first became exposed to Cary's prosperity teaching."

Warren Bernhardt, Pianist, Art Garfunkel's Band, Bearsville, NY       

"Since doing Prosperity Aerobics my income has more than doubled, and it's been a great adventure, playing in the world's biggest cities. I'm 60; which is old in the music business, but I'm doing what I love, getting paid really well, and seeing the world. Only a handful of guys are so privileged.


"When I started Prosperity Aerobics, I often commuted two hours to New York for session work, jingles, and film music. Within two years, I started performing with Steeley Dan, and became music director for his concerts the following year. Two years later I became keyboardist for Art Garfunkel's tours. Prior to working with these bands, the number of people I'd performed for live was in the low thousands. Now I've performed for more than four and a half million people. If I hadn't done the Prosperity Aerobics workshop I might be selling washing machines today. I feel like Rip Van Winkle, waking up after 20 years of being asleep around money."

Donna Boundy, Video Producer, Woodstock, NY    

"When I started Prosperity Aerobics, I was earning $1,300 monthly as a video producer/writer. Two years later, it catapulted to $8,300 per month. I had debt of $15,000, and was a day away from having my electricity turned off. I then eliminated my debt and developed a solid investment portfolio.


"Cary's money knowledge figured prominently in the book I wrote When Money is the Drug (HarperCollins). It gave me the consciousness and confidence to tackle this challenge. I also lectured extensively on the topic.


"His Prosperity Aerobics is simple, concise, effective, enriching, and works wonders. No one can afford to be without this gold mine."

* * *

Prosperity Aerobics  teaches the inner prosperity workout.  It gives you: 

$ A daily 15-minute mental workout to increase your fiscal fitness–available as beginner, intermediate, or advanced workouts

$ A formula to create a business based on fun

$ A personalized Money Mantra to overcome your family money training

$ Methods to connect to the abundance of the Universe

$ A technique to overcome the Money Rejection Complex

$ The Enlightened Savings System

$ Proven techniques to raise your self-esteem to get a raise, raise cash, or raise your income

$ Powerful affirmations to transform dysfunctional attitudes and behavior in the areas of earning, saving, spending, and investing

Here are a few more testimonials to the power of Prosperity Aerobics:

Lesley Waters, Licensed Massage Therapist, Saratoga Springs, NY


"After working with Cary's prosperity principles for a few months, I've tripled my income as a massage therapist."      

Nancy Payne, Arbonne International Network Marketer, Dallas, TX 


"Since I began working Cary's prosperity training, I gained my third promotion, and now lead a very large, successful organization. During this period, our sales increased 400%. I attribute my effectiveness to his ideas, learning breakthrough lessons in personal development and leadership skills. These lessons will continue to make a profound difference in my business."

Tracy Flannelly, Licensed Massage Therapist, Edenton, NC   

"Cary's principles work; my income has doubled. My phone keeps ringing for appointments. I'm booked a full month out, and I now have a waiting list if someone cancels. These things never happened before."


Here's what I'd like to give you:

$ A personalized autographed copy of Prosperity Aerobics, containing 22 chapters, filled with money-making ideas that will transform your entire relationship to money. (All you do is pay $5.99 for shipping and handling, it would be more for books being sent to foreign countries.) But I only have 50 copies left, so ask me for it today while supplies last.

$ 3 video clips to empower your money life

$ A value-packed full-hour class (April 8) that will feed your financial life for a lifetime

$ An extra bonus…a 15% discount on my live 12 week Money Makeover webinar coming later in April

This offer is limited to the first 50 people to sign up, so act now. I look forward to watching you prosper.  To ensure that, enroll today.  

WEBINAR:  How Would You Like to Have a  $100,000 Healing Arts Business? 

On March 10, my 6-CE seminar, "Build a $100,000 a Year Healing Arts Business," begins on 4 consecutive Tuesday nights–from 8:30-10 PM eastern time, with ALL sessions recorded for playback at your convenience in case you miss a session or want to hear it again.

Uniquely qualified to grow your business, I was keynote speaker at the American Massage Therapy Assn. national convention, marketing coach for more than 350 alternative healers, author of the Grow a Rich Massage Business trilogy of books and Healer, Heal Thyself.

In this 4-part series, you'll learn a daily 15-minute "inner workout" to turn you into a perpetual money magnet, and make success as natural as muscle tone is for those doing physical aerobics.  

You'll also learn the 45-minute "Going to the Market," including marketing secrets, like:  

Turning almost anyone you meet into a client

The 2 essential questions to ask clients that can triple your income.

 Strategies to create tens of thousands of dollars in passive income without lifting a finger

A proven powerful plan that will regularly drive a line of referrals to your door

This class has cost $175 in the past, but is now offered for just    

$74.99 if payment is in by February 22–a saving of more than $100

It inches up to $84.99 if payment is received by March 1, a saving of more than $90

And finally $99.99 after March 1, a saving still of more than $75.

I've coached Oscar-winners Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Pietro Scalia (JFK, Black Hawk Down), Emmy-winners comic David Steinberg (Academy Awards presentations), and Judy Henderson (Homeland), and Quality Inns. I also owned a marketing/P.R. firm for 18 years.  

I write columns on marketing and success for Massage Today and massage publications in 14 states. My CE classes have been popular with massage therapists and other healers throughout the U.S., and now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your very own home.


To register for the course email   

or call  

(954) 788-3380



Product Profile Seeds for Success: 

Formulas for Financial Fulfillment

Sit back and listen to these secrets of financial fulfillment. This CD, featuring more than 100 affirmations, empowers those with a job, and is an electronic gold mine for entrepreneurs.  


The cost for this product is only $15, plus $3 for shipping and handling. Here's a link to order it directly: Here or

Free Coaching!

To celebrate March, the month of my late mother's birth, I'm offering a free half-hour coaching session for the first person to contact me by phone


or by email at

who wants breakthroughs in life. It's my way of giving thanks for the great life that I'm blessed to live. There are only four restrictions, but please read them carefully:

  • You haven't already received a free coaching session from me.
  • You're not currently involved in a series of coaching sessions with me.
  • You book the session within three days of winning, so if you call or email, check my response and respond in time. If you forget to do this, someone on the waiting list will take your place, as happens from time to time.
  • You take the session before March 15.


Here are several affirmations from my series on procrastination, success, relationships, communication, and the inner journey, which are available in five mini-books and three CDs.

 "It's easy for me to stay current with my checking statement."

–Affirmations to End Procrastination, 

"The more I walk my Yellow Brick Road, the more the Universe supports me."

–Follow Your Yellow Brick Road:  

Provisions for your Inner Journey, 

"It's safe to be loved by others."

–Affirmations make the Heart Grow Fonder, 

Quote from the "Expert"

Theory of Evolution

"I laughed….till my sides were sore."

–Adam Sedgwick, British geologist, describing in a letter to Charles Darwin, his reaction to the latter's Theory of Evolution, 1859

Quotes of the Month


"Goals that are not written down are just wishes."


"One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals."

–Michael Korda

Sign of an Age of Enlightenment?

A profile of Detroit Lions head football coach Jim Caldwell in the New York Times sports section carried this headline: "Thanks to a Cerebral Influence, the Lions Find Enlightenment" (12/21/14)

The Cosmic & the Comic 

"It takes humor to be a spiritual person."

–Lars Muhl, Author, The Seer


If you have a loan or debt of $4,000 at 15% interest, and pay the minimum of 2% monthly, it will take 29 years, 8 months to pay it off fully. By the time you do, the interest you'd pay alone on that $4,000 will be $6, 122.88, or more than 50% of the amount you owed in the first place.

Testimonial on Coaching

"Cary Bayer is a life coach… and so much more. I recommend Cary for your business needs, your alternative healing business growth, and if you are a massage therapist, I encourage you to contact Cary at once, for he's got the golden touch when it comes to MT advancement in income and business breakthrough coaching. His programs, workshops and individual coaching sessions change lives — quickly, efficiently and with lasting results."

–David Hall, president, The Hall Way Consulting, Boynton Beach, FL

Art Director 

My first novel, The Wizard of Is, is ready to go into design. If you or a friend are a graphic designer and would like to work on this project, please call  

(954) 788-3380  

or email

Syndicated "Life 101" Column

This column of mine below ran in syndication in a variety of wellness publications, including Arizona Together in the recent past.

Eclipses of Sunlight,  

Eclipses of Moonlight,  

& Eclipses of Your Light

The other night there was a lunar eclipse in the nighttime sky. As astronomers remind us, the light from the heavens is suddenly obscured or eclipsed. This is a cosmic metaphor: The light in most people has been long eclipsed. One cause is that we've doubted this light's existence. William Blake, the Romantic poet, wrote unforgettably about doubt:

"If the sun and moon should doubt,

They'd immediately go out."

This light within you is your spiritual essence. You may have found it in meditation, perhaps scuba diving, conceiving a child, maybe in a near-death experience. If you haven't, it's time to end the eclipse, time to use a telescope to see into the nature of who and what you truly are.

Humanity thought the earth was the center of the solar system, until geniuses like Galileo and Copernicus created the revolution that proved that the sun was the center of our heavens. What our planet needs desperately now is a spiritual revolution to enlighten people that the center of the heavens isn't beyond the clouds, but right there within the depth of their own being. This revolution would let humanity see that we haven't done our job as stewards of the Earth; that we've polluted our water and air. The Wall Street Journal reported that one quarter of the wildlife that was alive just 40 years ago is now extinct. Such a revolution would give us compassion to care for all life forms.

The telescopes to discover this truth aren't tucked away in the attic, they're tools like meditation that enable you to see into the heavens within you. "Heaven lies about us in our infancy," William Wordsworth wrote two centuries ago in "Ode Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood." It also lies about us in our middle and golden years. Those years can be golden, lit by a golden light, when you train that inner telescope to look into your nature.   But that takes discipline, not unlike the discipline it took for astronomers to understand Reality, and change the world forever. Your world can also be changed forever if you take time each day to look into the heavens within you for your inner light. You can ignore that light like the people who George Harrison referred to in his beautiful song, "The Light That Has Lighted the World."  

         "So hateful of anyone that is happy or 'free'

         They live all their lives without looking to see

         The light that has lighted the world."

     Or you could choose to look within and be like George himself, as he sang:

        "I'm grateful to anyone that is happy or 'free'
         for giving me hope while I'm looking to see
         The light that has lighted the world."

Look up at the midday sun or the midnight moon.   If you like the light that they emit, don't forget that an even more brilliant light is within you. Are you ready to let the eclipse be eclipsed?

Meditation Training Now Available  by Skype & Webcam

When I taught Transcendental Meditation for several decades, I could only teach it in person. But since founding Higher Self Healing Meditation in 2010, I'm happy to say that the training is now available from a distance if you have a webcam on your computer. Let me know if you'd like to take advantage of this valuable stress-reducing method, even if you live far from my homes in upstate New York or south Florida.

Want to Write a Book? New Publishing Venture Set Up for You to Fulfill that Dream 

How would you like to have your own book published and available on Amazon? That dream can now become a reality, with the help of on-demand publishing technology, and the writing, editing, graphic design, and marketing and public relations team that I've put in place for that very purpose.  

Here's the team that's set up for you:

A graphic designer who has worked for Disney World, Harley Davidson, and Touchstone Pictures, among other credits. She's also a complete joy to work with, as I can attest–she was the designer on my most recent book, 40 Days to a Happy Life.

A writer/editor who's been a columnist for The Motley Fool, the editor-in-chief for,, and, who has edited five books and was the ghost writer on one. She also wrote for such Fortune 500 companies as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, Prudential, and the Hartford, among others.

Also on the team as a writer is yours truly. I've written five full-length books and more than three dozen mini-books.

The venture's book publicist has helped authors make the best-seller lists of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, and has had her clients featured on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning, America, Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Forbes, NPR, Redbook, and Ladies' Home Journal, among others. She's worked for such authors as Jack Canfield and Jacqueline Miller, Heart at Work (McGraw-Hill); Terri Orbuch, 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage from Good to Great (Random House); Sophy Burnham, The Path of Prayer: Reflections on Prayer and True Stories of How It Affects Our Lives (Viking Penguin); and Charles Garfield, Susun Weed, Gerald Celente, and Drs. Susan Lark, Ro Brock, and Stephen Sinatra, among others, and for authors who've been published by virtually every major publishing house in America.

     If you'd like to talk about how you can have a dream come true and have your own book or mini-book in print, and would either like to write it or have someone ghost write it for you, don't hesitate to call at  

(954) 788-3380  

or email me at 

We're here to make that dream of yours come true.

Higher Self Healing Meditation

I'm proud to announce the development of a new meditation training that's been marinating in the quietest levels of consciousness deep within my soul for a number of years. Its name is Higher Self Healing Meditation, and it's as effortless as Transcendental Meditation (TM) that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi trained me to teach when I was 20 years old.

Some years back, the movement that teaches the late Maharishi's system of TM significantly changed the requirements for those who had been teaching to continue to do so. As a result, thousands of others, including myself, no longer instruct that method. But understanding the mechanics of how the mind transcends in meditation after teaching meditation to so many hundreds of people from southern California and Western Europe to the Caribbean and many points in between-as well as training dozens of teachers of Transcendental Meditation–I've developed a system of meditation that's as effective as TM, as easy as TM, and available at one third the price that it costs to learn TM.

Have you thought about incorporating a daily stress-management system to:

release deep-rooted tension,

increase energy,

stimulate creativity,

enliven happiness, and

enable you to contact the inexhaustible reservoir of creativity and intelligence deep within you at the transcendental level of Being?

     If so, let me know, and I can explain how easy it is to learn over the course of five hours in three consecutive days.  

You can reach me by email at  

or by phone at  

(845) 679-5526

Blog Cabin

     I have my site set up properly, and I've begun to write regularly. 

     If you would like to have my blog entries emailed to you, there's a place on my website where you can enter your email address right