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"Everyone who will can hear the Voice. It is within everyone, but like everything else, it requires previous and definite preparation."

–Mahatma Gandhi 

Cary's June newsletter is now online here


By the Time I Get to Woodstock

You'll be reading this newsletter. I look forward to the cool mountain breezes of this wonderful arts colony where I'll be from late May through mid-October. If you're in the northeast, I look forward to seeing you at some of my classes. And for those of you in Florida, I'll see you in late October. If you live between New Jersey and central Florida, and would like to produce one of my classes, take it for free, and get 40% of the revenues, send me an email or call me on my cell at (845) 664-1883. That goes, of course, for teleclasses and webinars, as well. These classes can be produced by you from anywhere in the world.

Group Coaching to Overcome Procrastination for Good: Breakthroughs at a Fraction of the Cost

  Would you like to be free of procrastination now and forever?

 In 6 group coaching sessions, you'll learn a technique to free you from an issue that you've been currently procrastinating, as well as the preventive Procrastination Aerobics system that makes it harder for procrastination to return ever again in the future.

Group Coaching takes place on a conference line phone call for no more than six people, and it focuses on one topic: procrastination. Each person in the group will get individual coaching on each call, while everyone else listens and profits, having your issues repeatedly brought up by other people because we stay focused on the topic of overcoming procrastination. A group consciousness also develops, enabling a synergistic effect to usher in breakthroughs for one and all.

  The hour-long sessions will take place from  

8:30-9:30 PM Eastern time  

and will be held on 5 Thursday nights-

June 25, July 2, 9, 16 & 23 and
Friday July 31.  

The program is open to the first six people who register. The cost for the Group Coaching Program is only $30 per session if 6 people register, $35 per session if less than 6 register. If you'd like to guarantee your spot, call 845-664-1883.  

Don't procrastinate on this one.

Webinar to Double your Healing Arts Business

 On June 5, my popular 4-CE seminar, "How to Get New Healing Arts Clients" will begin. (Massage therapists will get 4 CEs.) It takes place on four consecutive Friday nights–from 8:30-9:30 PM eastern time–with ALL sessions recorded for playback at your convenience, so it's not imperative that you're present for the live event. Dates for the live webinar are:


June 5, 12, 19 & 26

In this 4-part webinar, you'll learn:

specific mental techniques to awaken your Success Consciousness that will transform you into a perpetual client magnet

how to turn almost anyone you meet into a client

how to comfortably network to tap a powerful referral stream

Uniquely qualified to grow a healer's business, I was:

the keynote speaker at the American Massage Therapy Association national convention

the marketing coach for more than 400 different healers, the author of the Grow a Rich Massage Business trilogy of books, as well as the Healer, Heal Thyself mini-book

This class cost $120 in the past, but is being priced now for just:

 $49.99 if payment is in by May 21, a saving of more than $70;

 59.99 if payment is received by June 1, a saving of more than $60;

$69.99 after, a saving of more than $50.

I've coached Oscar-winners Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) and Pietro Scalia (JFK, Black Hawk Down), Emmy-winners comic/director David Steinberg (Academy Awards presentations) and Judy Henderson (Homeland), and Quality Inns. I also owned a marketing and public relations firm for 18 years, and was in charge of the company's New Business Program.

 I write columns regularly on marketing, coaching, and success for Massage Today and for massage publications in 14 states. My CE classes have been popular with MTs throughout the country, and now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your very own home.

You can register for the course by emailing  


or by calling  

(845) 664-1883

New Mini-Book: Literary Yoga: Writers & Higher Consciousness

This 72-page mini-book features six chapters that show the relationship between writing and meditation, as well as descriptions of what appear to be higher states of consciousness on the part of writers and/or their characters.  There's a chapter about poetry and meditation, as well as chapters on Shakespeare; three great lights of the 19th century: poets Walt Whitman and William Wordsworth, essayist/poet Ralph Waldo Emerson; and J.D. Salinger, the groundbreaking novelist of the 20th century.   


The product, which sells for $12, plus $3 for shipping and handling, can be ordered directly at my website store at http://carybayer.com/meditation.html.

You can also order it via email at



Product Profile "Knowledge for Power and Success: The Keynote Address of the 2006 American Massage Therapy Association National Convention" DVD

If you're a massage therapist or alternative healer who missed the keynote address of the 2006 American Massage Therapy Association national convention in Atlanta, here it is as an hour-plus video. This talk is great for anyone who wants to grow his or her healing arts business.   



The cost is $20, plus $3 for S&H, and can be ordered at


Free Coaching!

To celebrate summer, I'm offering a free half-hour coaching session for the first person to contact me by phone


or by email at


who wants breakthroughs in life. It's my way of giving thanks for the great life that I'm blessed to live. There are only four restrictions, but please read them carefully:

You haven't already received a free coaching session from me.

You're not currently involved in a series of coaching sessions with me.

You book the session within three days of winning, so if you call or email, check my response and respond in time. If you forget to do this, someone on the waiting list will take your place, as happens from time to time.

You take the session before June 15.


Here are several affirmations from my series on procrastination, success, relationships, communication, and the inner journey, which are available in five mini-books and three CDs.

"My clarity of mind helps me to prioritize the things that I have to do every day."

–Affirmations to End Procrastination,


"I return from Over the Rainbow refreshed and able to appreciate everyone and everything more deeply."–

–Follow Your Yellow Brick Road: Provisions for your Inner Journey,  


"Since I am safe in the presence of others, I am free to express myself fully."

–Affirmations make the Heart Grow Fonder,


Quote from the "Expert"

"It is once for all clear…that the earth is in the middle of the world and all weights move towards it."

–Ptolemy, Egyptian astronomer and geographer,  

The Almagest, 2nd century A.D.

Quotes of the Month


"He who is not contented with what he has; would not be contented with what he would like to have."


"Nothing new can come into your life without the feeling of gratitude."

–Rev. Michael Beckwith



The United States and Cuba, separated by only 90 miles, are normalizing their relationship after

more than half a century.


Sign of an Age of Enlightenment?

The 193-member U.N. General Assembly approved by consensus, a resolution establishing June 21 as International Day of Yoga.


The Cosmic & the Comic 

"A cheerful look brings joy to the heart and good news gives health to the bones."

–Proverbs 15:30


The world is in total flux: 98% of all atoms are exchanged in 1 year.

Testimonial on Coaching

"I've have known Cary for many years. His work with creating an abundance and prosperity mindset is very powerful. He is a leader in the field and I would highly recommend him as a coach and a speaker. Cary has a great sense of humor, and has a way of keeping the information simple and easy to understand."

–Debbie Davis

 Transformational Life and Business Coach 

North Palm Beach, FL

Syndicated "Life 101" Column

This column of mine below ran in syndication in a variety of wellness publications, including Arizona Together in the recent past.

The Peace & Freedom Beyond Complaining

A client of mine introduced me to Will Bowen, a self-described "catalyst for positive transformation," who aspires to create a complaint-free world. Complaining is contagious and pervasive, and causes unhappiness in those doing it, as well as in those hearing it. Even nice people and spiritual people complain. Most people are so enmeshed in it, they don't even realize they're complaining. Consequently, freedom from complaining seems laughable, if not impossible.

The Bracelet

 Bowen's method is simple: put a bracelet around your wrist, and whenever you complain shift the bracelet to the other wrist. (You can order 10 of his purple bracelets for $10 at complaintfreeworld.biz; the money going to schools, prisons, etc., and those who can't afford the $10. A rubber band is free.) His challenge: go without complaining for 24 hours. If you can, shoot for 21 days; it takes 3-4 weeks to replace a bad habit with a good one. Ten million people have adopted this complaint-free aspiration and share it with others; hence, this column.        

Try it, You'll Like it

 At first, I became conscious of my tennis court complaints–chastisements for shots I had no business missing. So I moved the bracelet. I avoided the trap of complaining about complaining. What you focus on expands, so if you complain about something that happens that you don't like, you expand its presence in your consciousness. If you're intent on overcoming complaining and you make the fact that you just complained another complaint, the vicious cycle continues. Forgive yourself, switch the bracelet, and move on. Overcoming complaining takes time.                 

 My tennis complaints became whispers, but they were still complaints, even if nobody heard. I heard, so did the Universe. The bracelet moved. Soon, even the whispers disappeared. I sometimes had judgments on the errors, but if they didn't become speech I didn't move the bracelet. I also noticed how many guys I played with needed these bracelets; the quieter you get the noisier others are in comparison. I soon found myself quietly accepting my poor shots. As Alexander Pope wrote, "To err is human, to forgive, divine." Even Roger Federer erred; if he could accept his mistakes, I figured I should, too.

In time, I'd go days without complaining, soon 21 straight days, and found so much more peace and freedom. So I retired the bracelet.   But I haven't retired discussing it. Give this amazing process a shot and let me know how it goes. In time you might become like the many Thai people I met in Bangkok and Chiang Mai five years ago. When I asked why they were so peaceful, their responses were virtually identical: they take karma seriously. (In the West, we say as we sow, so shall we reap.) In other words, whatever happens they see as the result of their past thoughts, words, and deeds returning. Since what happens is something they, in effect, created, why should they make it wrong and complain about it? Now that's a good question indeed.

Want to Write a Book?  New Publishing Venture Set up for You to  Fulfill that Dream

How would you like to have your own book published and available on Amazon?  That dream can now become a reality, with the help of on-demand publishing technology, and the writing, editing, graphic design, and marketing and public relations team …

Read more here.

Higher Self Healing Meditation

I'm proud to announce the development of a new meditation training that's been marinating in the quietest levels of consciousness deep within my soul for a number of years…

Read more here .

Higher Self Healing Meditation

I'm proud to announce the development of a new meditation training that's been marinating in the quietest levels of consciousness deep within my soul for a number of years. Its name is Higher Self Healing Meditation, and it's as effortless as Transcendental Meditation (TM) that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi trained me to teach when I was 20 years old.

Some years back, the movement that teaches the late Maharishi's system of TM significantly changed the requirements for those who had been teaching to continue to do so. As a result, thousands of others, including myself, no longer instruct that method. But understanding the mechanics of how the mind transcends in meditation after teaching meditation to so many hundreds of people from southern California and Western Europe to the Caribbean and many points in between-as well as training dozens of teachers of Transcendental Meditation–I've developed a system of meditation that's as effective as TM, as easy as TM, and available at one third the price that it costs to learn TM.

Have you thought about incorporating a daily stress-management system to:

release deep-rooted tension,

increase energy,

stimulate creativity,

enliven happiness, and

enable you to contact the inexhaustible reservoir of creativity and intelligence deep within you at the transcendental level of Being?

If so, let me know, and I can explain how easy it is to learn over the course of five hours in three consecutive days.