Business Testimonials

“For too long, I found myself constantly putting out fires. Cary coached me out of that ‘mindset’ and into a positive, proactive and better manager. During the course of our coaching sessions, I learned to be constructive and innovative. It has been an eye-opening lesson in working through situations and events with the help of an unbiased, outside, caring professional.

“Cary’s coaching sessions have been incredibly valuable to me both professionally and personally. To name a few, I will be especially grateful for ‘learning to be responsible for the day I create for myself’ (one of my affirmations) and channeling my strong will down a softer path.”

— Sally Radecki, General Manager,
Whitney’s Marine,
Orange Park, FL

“Cary Bayer’s personal coaching, teachings on affirmations, and exercises in Prosperity Aerobics have been valuable to improve my earnings and have helped me to overcome negative habits.  His recommended exercises on improving my sales abilities have really worked with proven results.  We worked on doubling my income during our personal coaching sessions, and my income has doubled this year.  I would recommend Cary Bayer’s teaching materials and exercises to anyone who wants to enrich their lives, and business acumen.”

— Dean R. Gilliland, Licensed Real Estate Broker,
Jacksonville, FL

“I want to take a moment to thank you for helping me achieve a dream. When we met, I had started a new career after 21 stressful but successful years in corporate America… I had found what I was looking for, working for myself as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International, a wonderful network marketing company. However, I was struggling as a leader and not sure if I could succeed at building a lucrative entrepreneurial organization.

“Since I began working with you as my coach, I have achieved my third promotion and am leading a very large and successful organization. During this period our sales have increased by 400%. I attribute a large part of my effectiveness to your coaching. I have learned breakthrough lessons in personal development and leadership skills. These lessons will continue to make a profound difference in my business. I very much enjoy your direct yet gentle style. You don’t let anything get by and that is just what I need!

“Thank you for your most valuable insights.”

— Nancy Payne, Network Marketer,
Irving, TX

“If you are genuinely interested in greater wealth, Cary Bayer’s ‘Prosperity Aerobics’ seminar is an essential must.”

-Foster Hibbard
Author, Success Seeds &
“The Millionaire’s Seminar

“I can’t thank you enough, Cary, for you time, attention, and focus on your ‘Fundamentals of Success’ seminar that you presented on Thursday evening ot my entire staff. You didn’t present the typical motivation/inspiration/rah-rah that a lot of people expected.

“I want to acknowledge you for being here for each individual person. For the example of listening and sharing. For recognizing and following the needs of the group, yet not getting bogged down in on person’s agenda. For a remarkable blend of strength and softness.”

– Candis Whitney
President, Whitney’s Marine
Orange Park, FL