Peace Trumps Hate: Tools for Spiritual & Political Empowerment

This 76-page mini-book carries a two-fold purpose.  First off, it's designed to help those who are unhappy with President Trump to come to peace with him, so that they free themselves of any toxic energy they're carrying within themselves about him.  It then reveals a 13-part series of activities that such people can do to help block the agenda of this president.

76 pages, 2017, Mini-Book 45, $12

Item # BOOK45

Conscious Communication

These 22 chapters depict different aspects of communicating consciously. It shows how unconsciously communicating hurts in many ways, and gives guidance on how you can transform it into empowering forms of consciously communicating. It also serves as a great primer on how you can enrich your every relationship.

143 pages, 2013, Book, $17

Item # BOOK 5

40 Days to a Happy Life

This 40-day program shows how to discover what makes you happy, then shows how to incorporate more of what makes you happy into your life, then teaches you how to derive more happiness from everything you do.

ISBN 978-0-9821968-1-6
163 pages, 2011, Book $16
Item# BOOK 4


Relationships 101

Learn how to create healthy boundaries; learn a relationship meditation; come to appreciate family more deeply; learn how you can gain peace by forgiving others. Also: A–Z of affirmations for virtually every relationship in your life.
Affirmations for singles, couples, and divorcees.

ISBN 978-0-9821968-0-9.

113 pages. First Edition, 2009, book, $15. Item# BOOK2

book, How to Stop Procrastination NOW!
How to Overcome Procrastination NOW!

These 22 chapters depict different aspects of overcoming the procrastination that has swelled to epidemic proportions in our country, which is fast becoming a “procrasti-nation.”  This book includes a curative program that involves a fun game to overcome something that you habitually delay doing, an insidious habit that causes anxiety, insomnia, and a host of health problems.  The book also includes the 15-minute preventive Procrastination Aerobics program that enhances well-being and makes it much more difficult for it to emerge in your life.

158 pages, 2015, Book, $20

Item # BOOK 6


book, How to Discover and Live Your Purpose

How to Discover and Live Your Purpose

Discover your unique purpose, and then how to live it and prosper doing so. Affirmations will also help empower you in this quest.

48 pages, 2005, mini book $10

Item# BKLT04



Zen Teachings of Animals by Cary Bayer

Zen Teachings of Animals

For those of you who love animals—and who doesn’t?–these eight chapters show how animals are ready to teach us if we just had the eyes to see. Let cats, dogs, birds, frogs, bears, squirrels and other four-legged creatures of the animal kingdom help you become enlightened.

48 pages, 2007, mini book $10

Item# BKLT31


Awaken Your Creative Genius

Chapters include the Spontaneous and Discovery Writing methods; the profound role that relaxation plays in creativity surges; and a variety of other ways to connect to your Muse and become on intimate terms with your inner artist.

46 pages. 2009, mini-book $10

Item# BKLT 42


Healer, Heal Thyself

Six chapters cover topics ranging from recognizing the high demand for the services you render; the nearness of prospective clients; the inner vitamins you need daily; how to stimulate positivity; the need for courage in marketing; and how to value your work more during a recession.

48 pages, 2010, mini-book $10

Item# BKLT 45


Zen Teachings of Cats and Dogs
Six chapters describe what these little four-legged Buddhas can teach us
about self-esteem, prosperity, presence in the Now, unconditional love, and
enlightenment, among other essential topics.
48 pages, 2010, $10, mini-book
Item # BKLT35