Coaching Testimonials

“Cary Bayer understands the principle of mind. He also knows that these principles apply in all areas of our lives. Cary’s been very successful in creating breakthroughs for thousands. I know this to be true because Cary has created important shifts for my coaching practice members in sales and in business, and he can do this for you!”
-John Felitto, Mind Development Trainer & Coach,
Radio Talk Show Host & Author of Intentions, Pearl River, NY

“Cary Bayer is a very wise man.”

— Dr. Barbara Pepper, Counsellor Educator, Jacksonville, FL

“Cary Bayer is a great listener with a compassionate soul and a down-to-earth manner. He helped me cut through some old, stale thoughts and emotions which freed up an enormous amount of creative energy.”

— Joshua Pearl, Founder & Director, The Whole Musician Workshop, Woodstock, NY

“I’ve heard it said that when the student is ready a teacher will appear. Cary Bayer was that teacher for me. He listened compassionately, encapsulated the issues and walked me through affirmations to change the direction of my thoughts. The results were amazing. He is a great role model for what he teaches, and he is also the most compassionate man I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

—Vega Militariu, Licensed Massage Therapist, Rocky Hill, CT

“Cary Bayer is an excellent coach. He exudes kindness, compassion, and a non-judgmental attitude. One of his greatest strengths is his flexibility. I am so impressed by his ability to adapt quickly and work with new information. Cary is present in the moment and pays close attention to what is being shared. He is an excellent listener. I highly recommend Cary as a coach. He will help you get to the roots of your stuck places and beyond!”

—Cora Pearl, General Manager, The Whole Musician Workshop, Woodstock, NY

“Coaching with Cary Bayer has changed my life. He’s really helped me to work through some old beliefs and become much more empowered in my life. In starting a new chapter professionally, one that will be much more fulfilling creatively and financially, I was really supported by Cary, who helped me to ask for what I need and want, and helped me negotiate. Sometimes that was scary – but he always encouraged me to protect myself. Cary is very practical and helps me to make decisions and take actions that make my life more fruitful and easier.

“One of the exceptional things about Cary is that he’s really adept at addressing many aspects of life: career and finances, personal relationships and spiritual development. I’ve learned a lot in one year. The other thing I really like about Cary is that I don’t have to be ‘too careful’ in how I express myself–I can blurt things out and, together, we can find a way to re-frame the thought or attitude I’m expressing and work with it. He doesn’t just listen and cheer me on –he’s very pragmatic in helping me take steps to improve my life. Cary’s got chutzpah, and he can meet you on any level or speed or ‘vibration’ you’re feeling…and he can help find a way to bring that vibration to a place of peace and fulfillment.

“Cary helps me to not only believe that I can totally have the life I want, but he helps me manifest it. And, most importantly, he walks the talk in his own life–and that gives a lot of weight to his insights and advice.”

— Amy Hart, Global Filmmaker, New York, NY

“Coaching with Cary Bayer has been a very grounding experience for me. I appreciate his honesty and straightforward approach, while still being very caring. He helps not only in the day-to-day business concerns and on the spiritual plane as well. I have learned with amusement from his example about persistence, creativity, and belief in oneself. I feel more empowered to create and sustain a more successful life for myself and with my family.”

—Nancy Byrne, Licensed Massage Therapist, Pt. Harbor, NC

“I just really wanted to thank you for your support and guidance in my process to be able to imagine a man who was just perfect for me and who could love me fully and love my daughters. I just wanted to let you know, Cary, that I’ve entered into the most amazing relationship with such a man whom I lived with prior to my marriage, and we now plan to be together indefinitely.

“My coaching sessions with you, and reading your love affirmations, with the process you teach, were positively instrumental for my opening up to these possibilities. I credit you for helping me to believe the truth about myself.

“Again, thanks so much for everything.”

— Sandra, Physical Therapist, Huntington Beach, CA

“Cary Bayer has been coaching me for a while and I find each session extremely helpful and forward thinking. Cary uses both his knowledge and intuition in dealing with “issues” that come up. I personally think he is GREAT. In the short time I’ve known him I’ve already had several Breakthroughs and I expect more. He has helped me get a clearer idea of what I am trying to accomplish, what the steps are, and what the obstacles are. My business has already started to pick up again as a result of our sessions. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance in questions regarding both professional and personal endeavors. What I like about him most is how comfortable he makes me feel during each session and how he listens and cares about the progress. Not only for myself but for others he works with.”

— Karin Peterson-Sitrin, Founder,
Will To Imagine, Marlboro, NY

“Thanks to Cary’s coaching I’m focused, forward thinking, gaining momentum and more. With his help I’ve been able to climb into the driver’s seat of my life and stay there.”

— Robert Parker, Financial Reporting Systems Consultant, New Canaan, CT

“Thanks to Cary’s coaching, I was able to complete my book in time for the bookseller’s expo earlier this month. He’s a very good coach.”

— Rubin Wald, Author of Quantum Millionaire, New York, NY

“During the past year Cary Bayer has operated as my business and personal coach. In the past I have had many individuals attempt to serve in this role for me with little success. What made Cary stand apart from the others was that he was able to turn the process into a true game that was fun and always positive. We spoke in a language that I was able to relate to and respond to. Our conversations were always uplifting, inspiring and filled with great humor. Both my business and personal life have taken giant leaps since my association with Cary. I highly recommend his work to anyone looking to move onward and upward.”

— Nathan Brenowitz, Financial Rep, Northwest Mutual, Kingston, NY

“For too long, I found myself constantly putting out fires. Cary coached me out of that ‘mindset’ and into a positive, proactive and better manager. During the course of our coaching sessions, I learned to be constructive and innovative. It has been an eye-opening lesson in working through situations and events with the help of an unbiased, outside, caring professional.

“Cary’s coaching sessions have been incredibly valuable to me both professionally and personally. To name a few, I will be especially grateful for ‘learning to be responsible for the day I create for myself’ (one of my affirmations) and channeling my strong will down a softer path.”

— Sally Radecki, General Manager, Whitney’s Marine, Orange Park, FL

“Cary Bayer’s personal coaching, teachings on affirmations, and exercises in Prosperity Aerobics have been valuable to improve my earnings and have helped me to overcome negative habits. His recommended exercises on improving my sales abilities have really worked with proven results. We worked on doubling my income during our personal coaching sessions, and my income has doubled this year. I would recommend Cary Bayer’s teaching materials and exercises to anyone who wants to enrich their lives, and business acumen.”

— Dean R. Gilliland, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Jacksonville, FL

“I want to take a moment to thank you for helping me achieve a dream. When we met, I had started a new career after 21 stressful but successful years in corporate America… I had found what I was looking for, working for myself as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International, a wonderful network marketing company. However, I was struggling as a leader and not sure if I could succeed at building a lucrative entrepreneurial organization.

“Since I began working with you as my coach, I have achieved my third promotion and am leading a very large and successful organization. During this period our sales have increased by 400%. I attribute a large part of my effectiveness to your coaching. I have learned breakthrough lessons in personal development and leadership skills. These lessons will continue to make a profound difference in my business. I very much enjoy your direct yet gentle style. You don’t let anything get by and that is just what I need!

“Thank you for your most valuable insights.”

— Nancy Payne, Network Marketer, Irving, TX

“As a life coach, Cary Bayer is a wisdom accelerator.”

—Barbara Stemke, Retiree, Kingston, NY