Breakthrough Executive Coaching

FORWARD-THINKING BUSINESSES that wish to create breakthroughs work with coaches and consultants regularly. Forward-thinking executives, who understand the need to be in top physical condition, do aerobic workouts regularly. Now, with the advent of the Success Aerobics Business Coaching, businesses have an opportunity to create regular breakthroughs through a coaching program that makes use of an ongoing inner workout for their managers.  This program is known as Executive Coaching.  South Florida businesses, as well as businesses all over the country, can profit immeasurably from such support.

The success of any company is based, in large part, on the breadth of vision of its leadership, just as the success of any military operation is based on the vision of its generals. But no CEO or general does it alone. Without a strong team of managers, no company can prevail; neither can an army, without excellent lieutenants and soldiers in the field.

The success of business executives is a function of how competent they are with handling day-to-day details and how much success is built into the fabric of their consciousness. How magnetic are they to their customers? Is their cup half full or half empty? Does their cup overflow with creativity and leadership?

An army is more intimidating when all its soldiers march in step. We can see the remarkable breakthroughs that lasers create because the invisible light waves that comprise it at are in synchrony. Businesses can create breakthroughs, too, when there’s synchrony and success in the brain waves of their executives and staff. The Success Aerobics, a daily 20-minute inner workout, develops this kind of synchrony and success.

Hiring a coach isn’t what an ordinary business does, content as it is to maintain the status quo. With the marketplace changing at cyber speed, however, a business which operates just to stay in business soon finds itself swept out of business by the tidal waves of change. Executives who are too busy managing and putting out fires don’t give themselves the time or the tools to lead their businesses into the steps of breakthrough success. The Success Aerobics coaching program works wonders for them.

Any enterprise that demands ongoing success needs to take a few minutes out of its busy schedule to plan that success. Football coaches, even in the heat of battle as the clock winds down, send in strategy before each play; baseball managers signal batters before each pitch; and basketball coaches diagram plays in timeouts.

Olympians don’t win gold without great coaching, superior physical training and superior mental training. Ditto for top pro athletes of our day. Tiger Woods attributes his unprecedented success to being “incredibly calm,” and “very still and centered” as he putts or faces other tough shots. Michael Jordan, the greatest athlete of the 20th century, wouldn’t have achieved such magnificence if he couldn’t “go inside,” he said, to a place deep within himself and connect with what he called the “truth” of who he was. He also didn’t win his first of six NBA championship rings until he worked with “Zen” basketball coach Phil Jackson.

If you want breakthroughs in your business, hire Success Coach Cary Bayer. Creator of The Success Aerobics Inner Workout and author of the popular Prosperity Aerobics series, Cary shows you how to achieve breakthroughs in your organization.

Like the Chinese proverb about fish teaches, his coaching gives a company the fish to solve current problems, then shows it how to fish by undoing old counterproductive patterns in the behaviors of its executives. This helps prevent many problems in the future.