Personal Growth Testimonials

“Since working with Cary my income has more than doubled, and it’s been a great adventure-playing in the greatest cities. I’m doing what I love, getting paid really well and seeing the whole world. Only a handful of guys can say that. When I met Cary, I often commuted 2 hours to Manhattan for session work and jingles. A year later, I started performing with Steeley Dan, and music directed his concert tours the next year. Two years later, I began to play piano for Art Garfunkel’s tours. Prior to working with these bands the number of people I’d performed for live was in the low thousands. Now I’ve performed for more than four and a half million. If I hadn’t worked with Cary, I might be selling washing machines today. I’m like Rip Van Winkle, waking up after 20 years of being financially asleep.”

— Warren Bernhardt, Pianist,
Art Garfunkel’s Band,
Bearsville, NY

“Cary is extremely personable, has a good sense of humor, knows his stuff, makes it provocative and fun, and is one of the best participative discussion leaders I’ve ever met or worked with. Within minutes, the workshop members are sitting up on the front edge of their chairs excited and eager to join in, and contribute to the group’s conversation. I’ve watched this happen to all the participants (including myself) in three different workshops of his.”

— Peter Rogen,
Founder and President of Rogen & Associates, Inc.,
an international communication training company

“Cary Bayer’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We enjoyed the workshop and look forward to implementing some of the ideas.”

— George Basen, Board Member
Discovery Institute
New Paltz, NY

“Cary’s work is a unique blend of spiritual truth, practical wisdom and delightful humor.”

-Phil Laut,
Author of Money Is My Friend,
Charlotte, NC

“Cary Bayer combines his knowledge of how to enhance one’s financial well being with an intuitive understanding of the individual roadblocks which prevent one from achieving one’s goals, and provides practical insights for overcoming these barriers.”

-Teresa Kiernan,
Mental Health Counselor

“If you are genuinely interested in greater wealth, Cary Bayer’s ‘Prosperity Aerobics’ seminar is an essential must.”

-Foster Hibbard
Author, Success Seeds &
“The Millionaire’s Seminar

“Spirit & Money” Class…

“Can a phrase change your life? Yes. Cary reaches into your soul and finds the words and ideas to propel you to prosperity. If you have the willingness (or desire) Cary is your man.”

—Cynthia Segal, Energy Healer,
Hollywood, FL

“Cary Bayer gave an inspiring and clear depiction, at our church, of what he calls 200 percent of life in a lesson called “Spirit and Money.” His work inspired our daily newspaper, The Tallahassee Democrat, to devote a front-page story on it in its Religion section. Moreover, our music director turned a portion of it into a song.

“Following the service, Cary conducted his ‘Spirit and Money’ class and helped congregants prosper by doing what they love. Many reported that taking his class made a world of a difference in their lives, both
financially and spiritually.

“I recommend booking Cary Bayer whenever you get a chance for a class, a lesson and a retreat.”

—Bill Williams, Senior Minister
Unity of Tallahassee

“Cary’s workshops were imaginative and transformative, and the general feedback from them ranged from enthusiastic to ‘wonderful.’ As someone who understands the whole gamut of prosperity and lack, I applaud him for his books, workshops and lectures, for breaking new ground, and making the oldest universal principle in the book seems both attainable and true.”

—Rev. Ernest Chu,
Church of Religious Science,
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Cary’s warm, loving, humorous approach to prosperity takes a lot of the worry out of looking at one of society’s biggest snares. In the workshops that I sponsored for him, I watched him interact with others with gentle kindness, helping them transform themselves to new levels of mastery.”

—David Lowell, Entrepreneur,
West Palm Beach, FL

“A class with Cary is pure joy. He is innovative, informative and humorous, and his tools are easily adaptable for everyday life. Since his class, my prosperity has multiplied. ”

—Myrna Farbiash, Founder/Director,
Loving Touch Center; Owner, Crystal Vision bookstore,
Hollywood, FL


” I want to thank you again for a wonderful workshop Awakening Your Joy at Unity Church in Metairie. What a powerful, fun, and life altering workshop. With the stress people experience in their daily lives I would strongly recommend this workshop to any other church or organization. I always appreciate your attention to detail in providing everything we need to promote a workshop, and your enthusiasm and energy during the workshops. At the same time you are sensitive to the workshop participants, and address individual concerns with dignity and compassion.

The feedback I have received from workshop participants has been very positive, and each stated they would welcome additional workshops. One of the participants even said she shared the information in another group she attends. I was able to incorporate the material, especially the five main areas in our lives we need to be experiencing joy, in my Sunday lesson, and again the feedback was very positive. People are still laughing. Again, we thank you.

Please make sure to keep us on your “regular stops” list as we would love to have you for another of the many workshops you offer. Participants also express gratitude at the follow-up you provide after a workshop.
Many Blessings,

—Rev. Rhonda K. Liles
Unity Church of Practical Christianity
Metairie, LA