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Search Engine Optimization & Social Marketing

For those of you who are looking to expand your business by using the Internet, I have a great resource for you. His name is Doug Motel, a search engine and social marketing guru, and founder of Site Optimized. He’s also a pleasure to work with, due, in no small part, to the fact that he also has a background as an entertainer. SEO stuff can sometimes make people’s heads explode, but Doug’s sense of humor makes learning this material fun. That makes him unique. He coaches clients through just about anything related to the Web: getting to the top of Google, setting up a Facebook business page or PayPal account, etc. On a personal note, working with him to build one aspect of my business; namely coaching massage therapists (the single largest industry that I coach), he’s helped me go from being on the bottom of page 3 in Google for the term “the massage coach” to the top 10 in just two weeks. The dramatic surges in Google ranking that he brings about has helped other clients get on Oprah, The View, and CNN. His coaching prices are very reasonable and very worth it. You can learn more here: Site Optimized web marketing

Conscious Weight Loss

One of my coaching clients is a Holistic Health Coach and eating expert named Cathy Barber, who facilitates people finding their naturally healthy weight without conventional dieting. She helps people break through all the diet industry hype and learn the secrets of true and lasting weight loss. Cathy walks her talk: After 25 years of constant yo-yo dieting, she stopped dieting 20 years ago and lost more than 65 pounds. She remains diet-free, very healthy, and dedicated to educating others how to make eating work for them.

Conventional diet programs fail more than 95 percent of the time because they work against human nature rather than with it. Cathy teaches you how to work with your own nature, your own body, not against it. If you’d like to look better, feel better, have more energy and lose weight as well, Cathy is the person for you. You can visit her on the web at