Star Wars Yoga, the Force, & You

This 148-page book offers a clear understanding of what the Force is, and its relationship to other spiritual traditions, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, and Judaism, as well as Yoga, Jung, Camelot, superheroes, the Shadow, and mythology, among other topics. It also features a chapter of some of the most profound sayings from the sci-fi saga. The book will also provide a clear understanding of how to contact the Force, an understanding of the benefits of living with the Force behind you, and dozens of affirmations to help you align with the Force.

Pages, 2017, Book, $20

The Yoga of Entertainment: Higher Consciousness in Pop Culture

This 191-page book offers insights into how TV shows, movies, songs, comedians, and comic books give expression to higher states of consciousness. These 49 chapters present new ways of appreciating how entertainers are attempting to not only lift your spirits but to awaken your Spirit, as well

191 pages, 2016, Book, $20

Item # BOOK 7


Walt Whitman Poet of Enlightenment by Cary Bayer

Walt Whitman: Poet of Enlightenment

The book features dozens of passages from his epic poem “Song of Myself,” in which he expresses so eloquently his cosmic, celestial, and unity experiences.

78 pages, 2008, mini book $12

Item# BKLT38