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  • CD “Spirit and Money,” A 2-cd live class from Las Vegas, NV, $25
  • CD “A Prosperity Aerobics Class,” A 2-cd live class from Albany, NY, $25
  • Book “The Prosperity Aerobics”, Fourth Edition, $13

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book, Spirit & Money

A Course in Money Miracles

In 10 sections and 41 chapters this book presents ways to empower your financial life through a variety of means: awakening spirituality (the foundation of all things); overcoming your family money patterns with the development and use of your own Personal Money Mantra; selling innocently; getting out of debt; and transforming limiting belief systems through a holistic system of affirmation work that truly works.

195 pages, 2016, Book, $20

Item # BOOK 8

Prosperity Aerobics An Inner Workout for Success 3rd Edition

The Prosperity Aerobics:

An Inner Workout for Success

This daily inner workout creates greater success and prosperity. Programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

ISBN 0964422409

132 pages. Fourth Edition, 2006, book $13

Item# BOOK1

tape, The Prosperity Aerobics (book on tape)

The Prosperity Aerobics (Book on CD)

This 1-hour compact disc of The Prosperity Aerobics book (second edition) is a handy companion to its print counterpart. Turn that behind-the-wheel experience into DUIP (Driving Under the Influence of Prosperity).

ISBN 0964422417

60 minutes, 1998, CD $15

Item# CD01

tape, The Prosperity Aerobics Class

A Prosperity Aerobics Class (on two CDs)

Experience the excitement and immediacy of being in a Prosperity Aerobics class without leaving your home. This two-hour session was taped lived in Albany, New York in July 2000.

ISBN 0964422425

110 minutes, CD $25

Item# CD02

“Spirit & Money: Prospering by doing what you Love” Class
(on two cds) Learn how to how to use your God-given talents to attract revenue streams by doing the work that you love. This can turn a tolerable livelihood into a passionate lovelihood. It also helps empower those who are already doing what they love to market their services more effectively by learning the holistic art of marketing, and come to see that selling itself, when it’s done from the heart, can be graceful and as innocent as child’s play. This two-hour class was recorded live in Las Vegas, NV in 2006.

ISBN 0-9644224-7-6

117 minutes, CD $25

Item# CD03

Magnetizing Money CD by Cary Bayer
Magnetizing Money: Affirmations for Attracting Abundance,
The electronic version of the popular affirmation mini-book that enables you to learn how to attract more money into your life. Easy-to-master A-to-Z formulas can turn you into a powerful money magnet.

ISBN 0-9644224-3-3

40 minutes, 2005, CD $15

Item# CD05

Seeds for Success CD by Cary Bayer

“Seeds for Success: Formulas for Financial Fulfillment” Sit back and listen to these secrets of financial fulfillment. This empowers those with a job, and is an electronic gold mine for entrepreneurs.

ISBN 0-9644224-5-2

40 minutes, 2007, CD $15

Item# CD07