The 4,000 Year Old Cosmic Comic

The Disembodiment of Heaven & Mirth

Author, The Lost Teachings of the Oy Veda

“Channeled” By Cary Bayer
Life Coach & Author, The Prosperity Aerobics

Directed by Barbara Eisner Bayer

The Wise Guy, a 4,000-year-old ascended master who speaks like an Indian swami and improvises like a lightning quick Groucho, is channeled by Cary Bayer, a longtime spiritual teacher. The sage is known in the higher worlds as The Disembodiment of Heaven and Mirth. In our world, he is revered as the personification of Cosmic Light and Comic Lightness. Others compare him to a summer’s day, as an audience with him is like a day at the beach minus the sand you can never brush off your feet. He’s also been likened to a mustard seed, perhaps because he goes well with cold cuts.

The Wise Guy answers questions from seekers, especially those who deposit huge sums into his channel’s secret Swiss bank account. His improvisational riffs help us see that it’s not gravity that keeps things together on our planet, but levity. “Force, farce, Life is play,” he says, awakening the lightness inside us to laugh at the Divine Comedy. Sometimes people don’t know if they’re being entertained or enlightened. “You think they’re so different?” he asks with an invisible wink.

The Wise Guy’s book, The Lost Teachings of the Oy Veda (Akashic Records & Books), has been number one on the best-seller list of The Alpha Centuri Times for two light years. A light year is the distance light travels in two years or the time it takes for big shots to return your phone calls.

The Critics

“I laughed my asp off.”


‘Before I met the Wise Guy Swami I was just a fortune teller reading tea leaves on street corners in Athens.”

–Oracle at Delphi

The “Channel”

“He coulda been a doctor, he coulda been a contender, but no; he had to be a channel.” —Lillian Bayer, Jewish Mother Sun

Cary Bayer was chosen as the Wise Guy’s channel because:

  • He has taught personal transformation since 1973;
  • He has written and performed comedy since childhood, which was considerably before 1973;
  • The Wise Guy’s former channel went belly up in the cable tv shake-up.

A TM Teacher since 1973, and a Life Coach since 1988, Cary has helped hundreds transform the quality of their lives from Santa Barbara to Paris. His Prosperity Aerobicsbook, tape and card series has helped thousands to prosper. Cary writes a syndicated column called “Life 101” that appears in publications throughout the country. He also writes a column on coaching for a number of national and regional massage publications.

He’s written humor for National Lampoon, Playboy and the national parodies, Off the Wall Street Journal and Like a Rolling Stone. He co-authored The Short Report: Good News for Guys 5’7” & Under, wrote jokes for New York DJs and comics, worked with top comedy writers Larry Miller, Warren Leight and Tony Hendra, and co-founded The New York Skitz comedy troupe. Comedy screenplay credits include The Sex O’Clock News (1985), He studied improvisation with Chicago-based Second City, and metaphysical comedy at the fungus-stained feet of Swami Beyondananda.

The Director: Barbara Bayer

Barbara Bayer has performed professionally in the U.S., Europe and Canada in musical theater, concerts and opera, and directed the musical revue “Sounds of Broadway,” which played to sold-out performances at the Rhinebeck Performing Arts Center. Barbara thanks the Wise Guy for being an angel to direct; if only he wouldn’t inhabit her husband’s body when it’s time to take out the garbage.

Bookings for The Wise Guy can be made through his “channel,”Cary Bayer

He loves parties, businesses, churches, temples, bookstores, social clubs, country clubs, golf clubs, and especially “glee” clubs.



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“The force that keeps the Heavenly bodies in place isn’t gravity, but levity.”

–The Wise Guy

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